Apex Summator is a special metering product designed specifically for the accurate summation of multiple feeders in real time.  Multiple feeders are typically used when more power is required than can be fed through a single feeder, or when the added security of a redundant supply is required. 



  • Steel plants/independent power producers/inter-state/utility points

    When the consumer’s demand exceeds the physical capability of the existing transmission line, the extra power is provided through an additional line. Dedicated summation metering is required to accurately determine the overall energy supplied.

    Railways/hospitals/radio and TV stations

    Such safety-critical applications require the additional security and reliability of multiple-feeder power supplies. Dedicated summation metering ensures that the energy supplied is calculated correctly, irrespective of which feeder is in use.

  • Key Feature

    • Summation of multiple-feeder supplies
    • Concurrent demand calculation
    • Real-time net metering
    • Eliminates the need for summation CTs and associated errors
    • Storage of high-resolution summated energy parameter profiles
    • Specification
      • Arithmetic summation or differential summation methods
      • Supported energy parameters: 10
      • Configurable maximum demand parameter and integration period
      • Pulse outputs: 4
      • Tariff configuration:
        • Day types: 15
        • Special days: 70
        • Seasons: 7
        • DST support