Premier is our family of CT/VT operated meters, which covers a wide range of power levels and offers flexible time-of-use tariff metering and communications capabilities. Premier 300 is and has enhanced event detection facilities and supports interoperable DLMS communications protocol. It is available in various accuracy classes and wiring configurations.



  • CT/VT-operated industrial and commercial billing

    Advanced anti-tamper features make Premier 300 well suited for commercial and industrial applications

    Transformer metering, boundary metering and substation monitoring

    Full four-quadrant import/export metering with active, reactive and apparent measurement

    Three-phase LV, MV and HV circuits

    Wide range of variants for LV, MV and HV circuits

  • Key Feature

    • True four-quadrant metering
    • Wide range of tariff and transformer programming options
    • Complies with IS 15959 inter-operable protocol
    • Suitable for performing load analysis and energy audit
    • Forwarded or import-export metering
    • Advanced revenue protection features, including voltage , current and magnet influence
    • Internal battery to read meter and check meter display in the absence of mains supply
    • Distribution transformer event logging, including high voltage, low voltage, under load and over load
    • Specification



      Connection type



      Wiring configuration

      3-phase 4-wire

      3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire

      Voltage range

      230/240 V (L-N)

      110 V (L-L), 63.5 V (L-N)

      Current range

      -/5(10) A

      -/1(2) A *


      Class 0.5s

      Class 0.2s, 0.5s

      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      191 mm x 255 mm x 82 mm (approx.)


      1.8 kg (approx.)


      Engineering plastic 


      Optical port for local communications

      -- vias

      Optional RS-485 on RJ-11 port with Modbus