Employee growth at Secure is a journey. We are committed to providing lifetime employability, rather than just employment. Hence, we offer careers and not just jobs. We make the journey enjoyable, so reaching the destination becomes much more likely.

Growth cannot take place in a vaccum and leaders are not born in classrooms. At Secure all round training and development is paramount. Classroom training, if not supported by 'on the job' development, exposure, and proper mentoring and coaching, will fail to meet its objective. So, you will find with us a strong focus on 'on the job' training and a committed mentoring and learning culture.

We believe that hesitancy inhibits growth and stops us from reaching our potential. This hesitation can be due to a lack of knowledge, opportunity, or incorrect attitude. Given the chance to face and overcome such challenges at work, creates opportunities for staff to achieve their potential. At Secure, we provide many such opportunities.

Take an innovative start point, and add to it honest and open debate, unbounded enthusiasm, a tolerance for failure, the enquiry of diligent minds, the freedom to imagine, global reach all within a world class infra-structure, and you get yet another innovative starting point!

We are hoping to find people who want to grow with us. We want to perpetuate an environment where every employee shows a commitment to our aims and to the people we work with.

If you are looking for a career that offers both professional growth and personal fulfillment, you have come to the right place.

Please write to us at workwithus@securemeters.com if you are interested.