Altaf Hussain Bhalam

I was not feeling very good in the morning and decided to take a day off work, to rest. As I was sitting with a cup of coffee on my bed, I thought I would write some notes on the upcoming pilot project. Surprisingly when I started writing I could not think of work; all I could think of was the sense of peace and pride one feels about working for Secure Meters. I was deeply immersed in my thoughts and got carried away. Then I shared an incident with my wife who was sitting next to me.

I remember suffering from a similar cold in the year 1990-91, that too because of the rains. The clock showed 08:30 am in the morning, time to leave for work; it started raining as I was leaving. I thought I should wait for some time before leaving our home. After a long wait, around 30 minutes, the weather changed its mood slightly and the rain stopped. I rushed out of my house and took my scooter off to work. Those days we had a small set-up in Madri Industrial Area (MIA). On my way to office, it started pouring again but I didn’t stop this time because I was already late. I continued my scooter ride in the rain and was actually enjoying it, unaware of the fact that Babel Saab was following me. He saw me from a distance; he could see that a boy in a red shirt was fully drenched and still riding his scooter on the same route he, Babel Saab, was taking. He assumed that the boy too worked at Secure and he was concerned about his going to work without a raincoat, since it may make him sick. When I reached the office, I quickly changed my shirt in the loos but when I came out, I saw Babel Saab enquiring about that boy in the red shirt. Unable to trace that boy he left a message for him - that he should take care of his health and use a raincoat when required. I was listening from a distance but did not reveal my identity, may be because I was afraid to do so. I salute the kind of leader we have who is so concerned about his whole team, that he followed up on the boy in the red shirt, just to let him know that he ought to use a raincoat and be careful about his health. This touched me, and since then whenever it rains I always use a raincoat, but yesterday afternoon there was no sign of rain, yet the weather changed all of sudden and it rained - this made me ill today.

Secure is like a family even today, when the employee strength is growing day by day

These small things are the essence of the Secure culture which wins employees hearts, and because of this Secure is like a family even today, when the employee strength is growing day by day. Before I could narrate a few more incidents, my wife interrupted and said “I understand your feelings and belongingness towards Secure and really cherish the same, but now I think you should take some rest and get well soon to be with your family tomorrow”.