Martin Kempf

Our business exists as a direct result of innovative ideas and practical solutions coupled with good contacts with our customers. Sometimes we have found that we can offer something that our competitors cannot match. Here is one example.

CALMU technology has always been flexible, by virtue of its programmability and the attention paid to security in its fundamental architecture. This was put to good use in 1994 when the 100 kW market in the UK was deregulated. Suddenly 50,000 sites were eligible to switch supplier. In the UK half-hourly energy market, various codes of practice define the minimum functionality required from metering installations. Code of Practice 5 mandated functionality that no meter then on the market was able to fully satisfy. The main meter manufacturers scrambled to develop new meters or modify existing designs. We were lucky; CALMU3 could accept a new CLEM program developed to meet the requirements. We demonstrated that reprogramming could even be done remotely if a modem was connected to the meter. Our competitors were faced with having to fit new meters, so our customers gained a significant advantage. This led to us having more Code of Practice meters installed than all our competitors added together.

Much of this success was due to the vision of the designers of the original CALMU architecture, combined with a determination to make it work when faced with a new regulatory framework.