All human plans are subject to ruthless revision by nature. Things happen suddenly, unexpectedly. It all started in December last year. Everything was normal, and everyone was busy in their own lives. Suddenly, a virus disturbed our everyday life. Yes, a virus, which has now affected millions of people around the world, and everyone is wondering what will happen next?

The Coronavirus outbreak, which is believed to be started in Wuhan province of China, in December, has expanded to touch nearly every corner of the world. Since the WHO officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic on 11th March, life has changed beyond recognition.

All over the world, the human race is covered behind masks. Corona Virus has become the only topic of discussion. We read about it, talk about it, think about it, and are worried about it. It has changed our newspapers, our TV habits, our social media behaviours, and our routine.

In an attempt to control the spread of the virus in India, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, announced a total lockdown across the nation, barring citizens from leaving their homes for 21 days (which was later extended.)

Everyone's fast-running life came to a standstill. As no one was allowed to go out, we spent most of the time with our families. Being at home allowed us to bring out our hidden talents, and we took the time to be grateful for what we have.

It also impacted the way we worked. It was not easy to sit at home and not work for long. The only way was to start working from home. But the question was, how? The major operations of the Production team are carried on manufacturing lines, and manufacturing was not possible amidst the lockdown. Thus, we thought of other ideas. We worked on projects, prepared reports, completed data updates and most importantly, we learned. We kept our dietary habits healthy and kept ourselves active at home. Slowly, we were all enjoying the newness of working from home.

It is well said that “You can either take actions, or you can hang back and hope for a miracle”. And, we believe in action. When the government decided to give some relaxation (on terms) to the essential services, a decision was taken to get the Udaipur plant ready and functional by 25th April 2020.

It was a situation which demanded sheer dedication, hard work, and confidence. We started by making a team who would join the services on 25th April. We needed skills, expertise and compassion in our team more than before. The team was formed in a way that they could handle multiple tasks like inventory reconciliation, making equipment for production, calibration of equipment, and sanitisation of the work area, canteen and AC ducts. To start the manufacturing lines, all these tasks were to be completed beforehand. Another challenge was to arrange accommodation for the staff. Necessary arrangements were made in Cambay Resort, Techno NJR, and hotels like Roop Mahal and Badam Palace. Finally, we started the production activities at Udaipur (BIA plant) with a team of 250+ Semsites on 25th April.

There were so many new things we’ve been through. Be it restructuring the manufacturing lines according to the new requirements, maintaining social distancing on the shop floor, or using proper PPEs.

We have taken all the necessary health safety measures like social distancing, sanitisation, hand-washing, wearing masks and other protective equipment, and staying clean and hygienic. As I write, we have manufactured 26,659 products of 24 variants, as per the production plan, and the number continues to grow.

It is incredible to see how quickly mindset changes. Two months ago, who would have imagined a world like this. And now, we live in it.  At Secure, we are focused on playing our part in the actions needed to complete the consignments on priority. Re-starting manufacturing has taken a huge team effort. I'm so grateful to everyone for their dedication, patience, diligence, responsiveness and persistent tenacity.

There is no cloud that can ever mask bright sunshine. Hope is always eternal.

Together we stand and together we will come out of this phase. Together we can.

Verendra Singh

Production team, BIA, Udaipur