Censeo measures the real-time operation of both the performance parameters and the condition parameters of pumps, hydro-turbines and blowers. The system is an integrated package that is used for accurate performance and condition monitoring.

Censeo measures flow accurately, even if the pumping system does not have sufficient straight lengths of pipework for conventional flow metering techniques. It can be used to monitor the hydraulic performance of a wide range of rotating machines in industrial applications, manufacturing plants and power stations. It thus helps to improve the energy efficiency of pumping systems and reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition to calculating efficiency of pump and flow, analogue inputs enable Censeo to measure bearing temperature, vibration and other health indicators of a pumping system and provide advance warning of potential failure within it. 


Key Feature

    • Compact and modular design for panel or surface mounting
    • Helps reduce energy costs through improved plant and system efficiency
    • Helps to identify the optimum time to repair or replace pumps
    • Increases reliability through condition monitoring
    • Minimises repair and replacement costs through early detection of mechanical and hydraulic faults
    • RS-485 port for integration with SCADA/PLC/Telemetry systems via Modbus RTU protocol
    • Specification
    • System architecture
    • Installation 

      Panel mounted  or wall mounted

      Auxiliary supply

      110 to 230 V AC/DC

      Flow meter accuracy     


      Efficiency accuracy         



      RS-485 (Modbus RTU)

      Analogue output/input                

      4-20 mA  or 1-5 V

      Data logging      

      up to 40 days for 15 parameters, with 15 minute integration period

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