Premier 211 is a three-phase CT-operated smart meter that provides flexibility through a modular design to accommodate the latest cellular communications technologies.  Premier 211 paves the way for reliable data transfer, making it the ideal solution for AMI applications.

The meter supports remote firmware upgrade, allowing metering and communications features and functionality to be updated in the field. This enhances flexibility, and makes the utility’s investment future-proof.

Premier 211 is an integrated part of Secure’s Liberty Online advanced metering solution.



    • Industrial three-phase metering
    • Medium and large commercial premises
    • Suitable for three-phase co-generation metering applications
    • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
  • Key Feature

    • Meets the minimum services specification as per Australian National Electricity Rules (NER)
    • Multi-operator (roaming) SIM support – ensures maximum network coverage
    • Peak and off-peak tariff management
    • Four-quadrant metering with import/export registration
    • Alerts to identify potential anomalies
    • QoS (Quality of supply) monitoring
    • Hot-swappable communications module
  • Benefits

    • Improved billing cycle and accuracy through remote reading
    • Better information on usage to help manage energy consumption
    • Power outage management – quick response time
    • Remote reconfiguration
    • Low cost of ownership
      • Removes cost of manual read
      • Designed for long life in the field
      • Remote firmware upgrade
    • Specification
    • Electrical

      Connection type

      3-phase, 4-wire, active neutral, CT-operated

      Rated voltage (Vnom)

      230 V AC, -20% to +15%

      Maximum voltage

      300 V (L-N) continuous

      Impulse withstand

      12 kV, 9 J, as per NMI M6


      50 Hz ±5%

      Current range

      5 A In , 20 A Imax


      Class 0.5 (Active Energy), Class 2.0 (Reactive Energy)

      Metrology lamp

      Two configurable metrological LEDs for active and reactive energy



      AS 62052.11, AS 62053.22, AS 62053.23, NMI-M6

      Exceeds minimum services specification as per the National Electricity Amendment (expanding competition in metering and related services)

      Data storage capacity

      Energy/demand load profile

      395 days (per channel) at 30-minute interval (configurable), up to 4 channels

      Quality of Supply (QoS) parameters

      90 days (per parameter) at 30-minute interval (configurable), up to 22 parameters, including average voltage, current, phase angle, temperature


      Auxiliary load control

      2 A (build option)


      Dimensions (W x H x D)

      180 mm x 252 mm x 118 mm (with 35 mm terminal block cover)


      Flame-retardant polycarbonate


      Terminal cover, meter main cover, configuration button, communications module


      2.4 kg (approx.)



      ANSI optical port (AS 62056.21)


      3G/4G WAN, build option for ZigBee® HAN

      Multi-operator (roaming) SIM support

      Hot-swappable field interchangeable module, sealable separately


      AES128 encryption, cover open detection

      Outage notification

      Last gasp power supply (build option)


      Real-time clock type

      Crystal or mains-synchronised

      Power source

      Mains supply


      Lithium battery, 15-year life


      AS 62054.21


      Ingress protection

      IP 53

      Insulation class

      Protective class II


      Operating: -10 °C to +60 °C

      Storage: -25 °C to +70 °C


      95%, non-condensing