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About Us

Through Secure, Utilita offers the newest technology in smart metering with the best prepayment home energy supply available today.Utilita is the leading provider of prepayment gas and electricity in the UK, offering a simple, user friendly and competitively priced service to lower income and energy conscious households through the use of Secure's modern smart meters.


Sales and supply across the UK is growing rapidly with Utilita's development of new housing association partnerships. This is helping to bring the benefits of our prepayment metering systems to more and more communities. Ongoing development of online user interfaces have also opened up exciting opportunities, further strengthening our position within the UK utilities market.


Utilita was formed in 2003 and started trading in 2005. Its objective was to provide an innovative energy supply service that operated at low cost and helped consumers to save energy. It became part of the Secure group in 2006, and launched the first dual fuel Liberty based service in 2008.

core values

Utilita believes in applying modern technology to support responsible and affordable energy consumption. We are particularly keen to see the benefits of innovation and efficiency being made available to lower income households who will benefit from a service properly catered to their needs.

Building and keeping good relationships with our customers is important to us, supplying domestic customers directly as well as working with housing associations and councils, Utilita strives to offer a service that is always affordable, convenient, easy to understand and simple to use.