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Our beliefs

Be an enduring business that grows from profits earned fairly, from products and services that help users save, reduce energy use and live in comfort

Our beliefs

  • Business must endure for generations.
  • Profits are important and must be sincerely earned.
  • A reputation built on trust is more valuable than profits.
  • Everything is lost when trust is lost.
  • There is always a better way of doing things.
  • Change is constant.
  • Being socially responsible is good for business.
  • Customers are the most important stakeholders in the business.
  • Business must always keep a caring attitude towards all employees.
  • Good relationships with everyone matter.
  • Borrow with great care, never more than you are sure of repaying.
  • Pay all taxes in full and on time.

These beliefs translate to a set of desired behaviours, both as an individual and collectively for the business. The following is an indicative list (not in any particular order):


is derived from the belief there is a always better way of doing things. This continuous quest for the better way demands innovation.


relates to nearly every one of the beliefs. Being positive is a state of mind that is immediately reflected in our interactions with others.


because change is a constant and embracing change is essential.


because simplicity has the virtue that it is easily understood. It is the foundation for generating trust as well.


is the state of mind that helps project the present to the future. It always brings the long-term perspective to decisions and actions.


because trust is a two way street. Our actions can engender or destroy trust for the other person, and obviously the converse applies. Trust derives from integrity and simplicity.


because integrity is the foundation for trust. Integrity is the congruence between our thoughts words and actions. The more convergent our thoughts, words and actions, the easier it is to build trust.


because competence is being good at what we do and the ability to reflect this to others confidently. Skill, knowledge and attitude taken together produce competence.

Customer focused

Necessary in individuals if customers are to come above self, individually, as teams or as the whole organisation.


because good relationships matter and business results can only be achieved by working together.


because, more than anything else, it builds good relationships. Respect and empathy leads to an openness and the ability to genuinely care for one’s colleagues.


because at both individual and company level, knowing ones limitations builds confidence.


is the quality which reflects the single minded pursuit of any goal. It includes diligence, hard work, smart work and effective problem solving.