Deployment of energy management system at sugar industry

Deployment of energy management system in the sugar industry.

Consumer meter testing at a utility in India

A utility in India was faced of with revenue protection issues and wanted to stop revenue losses occurring due to problems in meters. We carried out a meter testing service for the utility. They were able to reduce customer complaints and identify cases of theft.

Distribution transformer (DT) information service at a utility in India

A utility was struggling to optimise the utilisation of numerous distribution transformers in their distribution system. There was no data on the quality and reliability of supply.

ABT metering and data acquisition system

A large industrial company, involved in mineral extraction in India, had set up a captive power plant. The company then entered into an open access agreement with the distribution utility.

ABT accounting and decision support at a utility in India

One of the largest utilities in India, wanted to equip themselves with an online system for smooth operations and decision support under the ABT regime.

Transmission system energy audit at a utility

A utility wanted to track energy loss in their power transmission system covering a large geographical area. An energy accounting excercise was needed to measure the cumulative input energy, energy flow through power exchange points and total consumption in the administrative area under the utility.