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Empowering MSMEs for an energy efficient economy

Also, energy efficiency immediate benefits are more important than ever in the current context of global Covid-19 crisis and its economic impact. With a host of energy-efficiency products, solutions, and services, Secure is keen to improve the performance of MSME sector to make them energy-efficient, competitive and self-sustainable to achieve the mission of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Key factors affecting energy efficiency in MSMEs

eWatch Online (cloud-based energy management)

Secure’s energy management solution, eWatch Online cost-effectively provides real-time information on the load specific energy parameters. This enables users to monitor the trend and initiate actions to save energy and costs, and reduce the carbon footprint.

This would benefit the enterprise through:

eWatch online features:

Pump efficiency and monitoring

The world’s first integrated pump performance and condition monitoring platform – Censeo, designed by Secure, provides data based on accurate pump performance and condition monitoring by applying the thermodynamic principles.

This can be used to manage the cost of operation, improve effectiveness of the plant and reliability of assets. Secure being BEE certified, Grade 2 organisation, provides end-to-end energy efficiency services for pump efficiency and monitoring, based on the ESCO model. In one of the ESCO projects with Indore Municipal Corporation, Secure helped them save nearly ₹170 million over 6.5 years.

Indore Municipal Corporation

Figure 1: Energy and revenue saving through our services

Air-conditioning is another energy-intensive equipment in MSMEs. Energy consumed due to over-cooling is both expensive and negligent. It is expected that global warming will triple the energy demand from AC’s by 2050.

Secure has developed a technologically advanced cooling control solution – Beanbag Cool, which can be integrated into existing cooling facilities of the enterprise. It is easy to install, for both DX type and FCU based AC systems. Its efficient control (both locally and remotely) eliminates wastage in cooling without compromising on comfort.

Beanbag’s features:

While policy guidelines are available, MSMEs need to implement energy efficiency measures by adopting and investing in right technologies for an energy efficient economy.