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Secure Controls -  thermostat function  video guide

Intro to the new Smart Programmer range from Secure - C1727 (2ch.) and H3747 (4ch.)

Features the latest in Boiler Plus energy-saving technology, and is able to control up to four zones of heating or stored hot water. This truly modular and expandable system gives you more control by working with wireless technology straight out of the box and is even pre-paired for added convenience.


New controls products will be consolidated in the UK

Innovation drives the world. Innovation simplifies lives. Through innovation, we have reduced our products from 35 to 3. Smart controls, thrifty innovation, great choice. In 2022 we are simplifying range – for more details read blog

Horstmann is Secure - Brand change  in the UK

Horstmann is Secure - Brand change in the UK

From 1 November 2020, all our control products in the UK will be sold under the Secure brand name.

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Technical support

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Do you have a control that has 3 or 4 channels to comply with Part L regulations?

Yes – Our H3747 is suitable for up to 4 channels of heating or stored hot water.

I have a smart programmer (C1727 or H3747) and I’m currently using Bluetooth, but I want to control my system remotely, what do I need?

Simply plug in the extra Wi-Fi card (part number SCW100-000) into the slot on the front of your programmer when the power is off, then use the same app to connect to your home Wi-Fi.

Can I add extra thermostats to your multi-zone smart programmers?

The C1727 and H3747 are modular and expandable; you can add extra programmable thermostatic displays (PTDs) or temperature sensors (THS) to increase their functionality.

Do you do a 2-zone wireless controller?

Yes – Our PRT1 has a built-in hypothermia setting which prevents temperatures from being set below 15 °C, and once programmes are set temperature can only be adjusted by 2 degrees up or down.

Are any of your controls suitable for those with sight impairment?

Yes – ThermoPlus range (PRT1 , AS1 & AS2) has audible and tactile feedback; our new smart controllers will have voice activation via Wi-Fi connection and can be controlled using virtual assistants.

Do you have controls with tamperproof capability?

Yes. The C1727 / H3747 smart programmers or the C-Stat range (17B & 17M) of programmable thermostats can be locked.

My ServicePlus unit has a message on the screen to call a service engineer

This is a reminder that the boiler service is due by the home owner, who should be contacted.

I have a C1727 or H3747 smart programmer and want to use one of the spare zones to control an existing wired thermostat, is this possible?

Yes. Simply use the right menu of the app to add a device then choose wired option, you will then be able to control the schedule times for that zone and use the existing thermostat to control the temperature

I have a Centaur plus unit and want to update to the Smart programmer range C1727, will this involve re-wiring and replacement of the back plate

No. The simple controls range use the same wall plate and require minimum wiring changes. For more details visit our C1727 product page

How do you convert the C-Stat to manual mode and tamperproof code?

Read the C-Stat user manual for required steps.

Are your controls boiler plus compliant?

When combined with the relevant thermostats our time switches and programmers will comply with Boiler plus and Part L. The C-Stat 17B & C-Stat 17M, smart programmer range C1727/H3747 and Beanbag ranges are all compliant.

What happens to my programmed times when the clocks change in summer and winter?

Most Secure controls will automatically adjust to summer and winter time, meaning you don’t have to worry.

How many programmes are there in the off-peak settings on the electronic 7 controller?

Up to three off-peak programmes as well as a boost program. For more details visit our Electronic 7 product page.

I have an electric system and a hot water tank, but do not have Economy 7 off-peak hours.

The Electronic 7 is user programmable and works with a variety of electric tariffs.

Is it possible to set and lock the off-peak programme for my immersion heater?

You can programme the Electronic 7 then lock the unit afterwards, allowing boost only on demand.

Do I have to control central heating and hot water with a 2-channel, or can I use it to control two heating zones?

The ChannelPlus H27XL or the smart programmer C1727 can control two heating zones, or heating and hot water.

Are the products different, since now you are called Secure and not Horstmann?

The products are the same quality and design, made the same way and are exactly the same apart from the name.  Still reliable, well-made and backed by many years of engineering excellence.

Do your controllers save the settings if I have a power cut?

All of our digital controllers have a backup battery or non-volatile memory and will save the stored settings, ready to resume when power returns.

What controllers do you have that I can use with my smart phone?

We have the C1727, H3747 and Beanbag products that can be used with a smart phone app.