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The ZonePlus Z222 Motorised Valve

Do you need something that can control hot water circulation in fully pumped wet domestic central heating systems?

Smart Home Care: Collaboration is the Key

It is universally agreed that smart care technology will play an important role in reforming adult social care, but public sector adoption remains stubbornly limited.

Our new E7 mobile app

Our new E7+ is smart-capable and designed to control one or two 3kW immersion heaters.

Secure’s new 2-channel smart-programmer

The C1727 is smart capable, and purpose designed to be adaptable. Out of the box the C1727 uses Bluetooth...

Secure’s new smart programmer

Are you looking for a new smart programmer? Do you want a programmer with 4-channels, that can control heat pumps, combi, and system boilers?

The all new E7+

When the original Economy 7 quartz was launched in the 1980’s by Horstmann, it was the product that set the standard going forwards for electric water heating timers.

Meet our smart-capable controls

With our products, you can choose the level of smart you want, giving you the flexibility to fine tune them to your liking.

TRV learns usage patterns to reduce energy costs

Trade retailer ElectricalDirect has added the Radbot 1 Intelligent Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) from Secure to its expanding range of heating solutions.

Fuel poverty issue in England

Fuel poverty is a significant issue in England, with millions of households struggling to pay for adequate heating and energy to maintain a decent standard of living. According to government statistics, around 10% of households in England were living in fuel poverty in 2021.

Prepaid Metering in Domestic PNG

The City Gas Distribution (CGD) sector is going to be one of the infrastructure growth engines in India for the next 8-10 years. From about 7 million domestic PNG connections made till the last decade, after the 9th and 10th round authorisations recently, the total number of domestic connections is expected to go beyond 50 million...

Energy efficiency in homes

Energy efficiency can be the most cost-effective and quickest way to reduce carbon emissions and meet the challenge of increasing energy prices however, the public sector needs to do much more to take advantage of these benefits.

Prepayment in Manipur: achieving load control and revenue completion

This article highlights the improvement achieved by Manipur State Electricity Department (MED) in revenue collection and reduction in peak load using pre-payment metering.

Meter data acquisition system implementation – metering international | issue 2-2013

Reforms within the power sector in India have been going on for more than a decade. Initially the focus was on bringing about structural changes like unbundling of the state electricity boards (SEBs) and the creation of generation, transmission.

Managing reactive power – power watch India | issue August – 2012

In the operations of power plants, management of reactive power plays an important role in maintaining and cotrolling transmission losses and bringing stability in grid operations and system voltage.

Importance of in-circuit reliability of energy meters – electrical India | issue June – 2012

Electricity meters are ubiquitous in today's world and considering the importance of electricity they meausure, it is absolutely necessary that they do not fail. Unlike electro-mechanical meters.

Smart metering solutions – smart utilities | issue April-May 2011

India is the sixth largest power consumer in the world and the third largest in Asia. The country's installed capacity (as of March 2011) stood at 173.6 GW. This corresponds to energy generation of 800 billion units.

The road to smart metering in Australia – metering international | issue 1 – 2011

Australia has a federal system of government. In 1901, the six independent British colonies of Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania agreed to join together.

The road to smart metering in Australia – metering international | issue 2 – 2011

Australia's electricity sector has been the subject of ongoing micro-economic reform since the mid-1990s, progressing from individual state-based regulatory regimes to a largely integrated national structure.

The road to smart metering in Australia – metering international | issue 3 – 2011

Like the rest of the world's industrialized economies, Australia has a centralized model of electricity production and distribution. In the past, the industry was centralized at regional and state level but micro-economic reforms over the past fifteen years...

Data Security – The challenge is often bigger than you think

Meters have long been construed as cash registers for utilities. As such, the accuracy and authenticity of data used for billing has always been of concern to them, says Kaushik Ghosh, Group CTO, Secure Meters.