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Our new E7is smart-capable and designed to control one or two 3kW immersion heaters. This means it comes with Bluetooth out of the box, and a Wi-Fi adaptor can be inserted for complete wireless control. With both options, you can use our mobile app to control your E7+. It also has a host of features to make using your E7easier and to help save you both energy and money. The app is a bonus as the E7is completely programmable locally. It’s there for those who want and works with almost any smartphone.

E7+ economy 7 smart immersion heater control

Energy monitoring

Our mobile app comes with the ability to monitor energy consumption for both peak and off-peak. This will;

  • Show the hours you used the most energy and on which days
  • Show the historical usage data
  • Work with Bluetooth or W-Fi
  • Work without any extra subscriptions or added services


Full 7-day programming

Our mobile app makes viewing and changing your schedule simple and easy. Simply select what you would like to change. The E7has three on-off periods out of the box, and with the app, you can add more, up to 48 hours.


Boost function

With our app, you can instantly top up, saving you money by heating a smaller amount of water quickly. The app even shows popular time options – such as 30 minutes – if you only need a slight boost to your hot water.

The E7is also future capable of being ready for time-of-use tariffs, allowing energy companies to supply an off-peak schedule.


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