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TRV learns usage patterns to reduce energy costs

Trade retailer ElectricalDirect has added the Radbot 1 Intelligent Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) from Secure to its expanding range of heating solutions. Designed to optimise household energy usage, it is said to be an ideal solution for installers looking to help customers reduce their energy bills during the current cost of living crisis.

Easy to fit, the Radbot 1 can be installed on any radiator that has an existing thermostatic radiator valve. It is compatible with wet central heating systems, including gas boilers, oil boilers and heat pumps, and works with all standard heating controls and smart thermostats. By using a self-learning algorithm, the TRV continually monitors the home environment to detect and predict occupancy patterns, with no need for apps, smart thermostats, or setting complex schedules. In doing so, it can offer energy savings of up to 30% by using its learned data to adjust and match the heating to the occupancy in any room and therefore only heating the space that is used.

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