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Are you looking for a new smart programmer? Do you want a programmer with 4-channels, that can control heat pumps, combi, and system boilers?

The H3747 may just be the perfect solution for you. It has many great features, such as optimum start and stop per heating zone, on-off load compensation, a standard 9-pin backplate for easy retrofitting, and it is Boiler Plus compliant.

The H3747 is designed to be modular and expandable, letting you choose the setup that works for you. You can add a PTD that can be used as both a thermostat and programmer for additional heating zones with an existing smart programmer system. Further, sensors can be added to control extra heating zones.

h3747 and ptd

The H3747 used out of the box can be Bluetooth controlled, within a property, but the Wi-Fi adaptor gives wireless control, from anywhere. Adding a Wi-Fi adaptor is simple: Just slot the Wi-Fi card into the front of the receiver and you get full wireless control instantly. With the plug and play setup there is no gateway or hub to configure, just plug in the adaptor and enter the W-Fi password.

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