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Are you looking for a new 2-channel smart programmer?
Do you need something that can control heat pumps, combi. And system boilers?

If so, then the C1727 may be for you. It is packed with many great features, including many of the latest Boiler Plus energy saving features, such as optimum start and stop per heating zone, and on-ff load compensation. This significantly improves boiler efficiency by preventing short-cycling and overshooting of temperature and helps to save money and improve efficiency.

The C1727 is smart capable, and purpose designed to be adaptable. Out of the box the C1727 uses Bluetooth, which you can use to control it within a property. If you want more control, then an optional Wi-Fi card can be simply inserted into the front of the device, which offers full wireless control. The C1727 can be controlled via our app, or from a PTD.

The C1727 can easily control a single or double heating zone, or heating and stored hot water system. You can even control the schedule of an existing wired thermostat or add extra sensors to a spare zone to give further control.

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