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The all new E7+

When the original Economy 7 quartz was launched in the 1980’s by Horstmann, it was the product that set the standard going forwards for electric water heating timers. This was quickly followed by the digital version, Electronic 7, which offered more functionality, as well as the ability to set a boost only program. This allowed those who wanted to further economise and save money by heating less water based on their usage patterns. We now estimate that there are over a million of these units installed across the country over the decades, still functioning and easy to replace due to them all sharing the same back box. Our market research confirmed that we are specified time and again due to our excellent product reliability as well as ease of installation.

When Secure acquired Horstmann in 2007 we began modernising and updating the controls portfolio, which has continued to today, which is why we are now launching this year the latest version, the E7+.


The E7+ has been updated to be more streamlined and aesthetic without compromising its ability to accommodate quick and easy to installations. We realise how important the retrofit sector is, which is why we have made sure that as well as providing modern compact installation formats that people increasingly want, we also directly support plug in retrofits for the many legacy Quartz and E7 already installed. For example, the average installer replacing a Quartz only has to replace the front cover when upgrading to E7+.

E7+ economy 7 smart immersion heater control


It wasn’t enough to simply update the E7 range, we have gone the extra mile to provide a feature rich programmer that boasts many advantages that will allow it to be future proof for years to come. The E7+ is now smart capable, meaning it can be upgraded with a plugin Wi-Fi adaptor to allow full remote access for those who wish. This is as simple as it sounds and can be carried out by anyone, there is no gateway or hub to power and configure at all, just an optional plug-in card. This will allow full remote access to all the scheduling and boost programs as well, and it’s even possible to invite other users onto the system and give them control too. This allows it to be compatible with the demand side tariffs or plunge pricing that is becoming increasingly common. Going forwards we expect to work with energy companies looking to launch these new tariffs, meaning those who choose to opt in will get maximum savings without having to worry about programming off peak settings anymore. The E7+ app now even has a consumption trends tab which displays information of usage for both peak and off-peak circuits that is easy to understand.

For those who don’t feel the need to connect however, there is still an optional app that works with Bluetooth from almost any smart phone and gives full programming control locally. This is a complete bonus as you still have all the programming options built into the unit as you would expect, meaning you don’t need an app in most cases, it’s just an extra that provides added value. We believe this is something that makes us unique, both the ease in which the E7+ can be upgraded to fully smart, and the ability for the user to choose the level of smart that suits them. The E7+ can be fine-tuned to suit the needs of the user.

All of this comes from a box on the wall that still has all the traditional buttons and interfaces you would expect from the Electronic 7, now with a lot more value.

e7+-Consumption-profile-Galaxy s20)-Mockup