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Oxy CPAP p12 – A breathing aid device to help Covid-19 patients

However, a lot of asymptomatic patients also suffer from low blood-oxygen levels, or hypoxia, without even realizing. In many cases, the patients can breathe, but the body lacks oxygen. Hence, oxygen supplementation is critical for Covid-19 patients, when the lungs aren’t able to provide enough oxygen from normal breathing. COVID-19 patients with advanced breathing difficulties need more oxygen than a standard facemask.

This high positive pressure can be applied through an invasive mechanical ventilator (IMV). However, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy proves efficient in cases where additional oxygen is required. The oxygen is delivered under constant pressure through a specialised mask system. There are many CPAP devices available in the market, but they are generally used for sleep apnea and are not designed for supplementing oxygen; they often can’t give high flow rates that a Covid-19 patient requires. Early application of CPAP p12 may provide a bridge to IMV and is a possible alternative to the ventilator in all but the extreme cases.

Secure’s oxy CPAP p12 device is specially designed to help Covid-19 patients with breathing difficulties by providing the necessary oxygen supplementation. In line with the Atmanirbhar Bharat package, the device is manufactured locally, in India, under the open license by the University College London (UCL) and Mercedes AMG HPP Ltd, UK. It is approved by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and is being used by 60 hospitals across the UK.

Oxy CPAP p12 acts as an oxygen flow generator that pushes air containing oxygen, into the mouth and nose at a continuous pressure, keeping airways open. This increases the amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream. It is a compact, lightweight, robust device that operates without electricity or batteries. It can provide an oxygen concentration of 30-95 per cent to the patient. CPAP allows the patient to be awake, responsive, and alert. It can be easily managed, with minimum training, and can be easily used at places other than ICUs. Oxy CPAP p12 is reusable and can be used for another patient after proper sanitisation.

To support the medical fraternity and the healthcare ecosystem in these difficult times, Secure has leveraged its years of R&D experience in instrumentation and gas flow measurement techniques to design and produce the CPAP p12 device.