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Product at a glance

Skyline 370 is a multi-function gateway that provides intelligence and communications capability to system peripherals. Each gateway provides a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection, typically via Ethernet broadband, for two-way transfer of system information between the utility back-end systems and the consumer device. Remote connectivity includes system commissioning and diagnostics. The gateway also includes Home Area Network (HAN) functionality, enabling the transfer of information and control commands between secured and unsecured networks, and across different RF protocols, such as ZigBee to Z-Wave and vice versa. Skyline 370 can also act as a Consumer Access Device (CAD), providing a data portal to nationally mandated smart metering systems. It can make real-time metering information available to wider systems, while maintaining data security for smart metering data acquisition, and it can also be used for billing purposes.


  • Water metering
  • Skyline 370 can collect data from water meters equipped with the SWM301 water meter module.
  • Smart heating
  • Skyline 370 can control and schedule a SRT322 Z-Wave thermostat.


  • Connects home area network (HAN) to wide area network (WAN)
  • Consumer access device (CAD) for smart metering system
  • WAN: IP (wired Ethernet connection)
  • HAN: Z-Wave® 868MHz, or ZigBee® 2.4 GHz


WAN IP (wired Ethernet connection)
HAN Either:
Z-Wave®, 868 MHz
ZigBee®, 2.4 GHz (1 or 2 channels)
Z-Wave + ZigBee
Ancillary connections 1 x standard USB A (Host)
1 x mini USB B (Slave)
Operating system Linux
Hardware 64 MB SD RAM
256 MB flash memory
ARM9 processor
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C (indoors)
Enclosure protection IP30
Power supply 5 V DC, via external adapter
User interface LED indication for:
System commissioning (pairing)
WAN connection fault
HAN connection fault
Pairing button for system commissioning
Installation Table top or wall mounting