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Product at a glance

Four quadrant metering and suitable for LV/HV measurement

Premier 200 is an advanced meter designed for the most demanding utility applications that require power quality information and compatibility with AMR/AMI systems. It combines load control and quality-of-supply metering with high-speed data communications. CT/VT operated meters or instrument transformer operated meters are installed for metering HT (HV) consumers and utility feeders. The Premier 200 meter offers accurate, reliable and cost effective metering solution with provision for the latest inbuilt communication technologies such as Mesh radio, DLC and external 3G/GPRS modem. The meter can be wirelessly connected via ZigBee to an In-home display device to inform and empower the consumer.


  • CT/VT-operated industrial and commercial billing
  • Single-phase, two-phase or three-phase LV or HV circuits
  • AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)
  • Substation monitoring
  • Multi-utility energy accounting in monitoring and targeting (M&T) systems


  • Multiple configurations (up to 8) can be pre-loaded in the meter and executed in the field – allows for one stock meter to be deployed into many applications, hence minimizing stock variants


  • Four quadrant metering with Class 0.5 accuracy
  • Support for AMI features including: TOU based switch
  • control and Remote firmware upgradation
  • Communications:
    • HAN Port: Integrated ZigBee (2.4 GHz) wireless module
    • WAN Port: RJ45, RS232 to support external 3G/GPRS modem
    • ANSI Optical Port: for fast (38.4K) local PC communications
  • Four quandrantŸ4 registers with 2 demand channels and 8 registers with 2 energy channels
  • Logging and remote notification (alarm) of event
  • QoS (Quality of Supply) monitoring
  • User friendly tariff configurability features
  • User friendly Liquid Crystal Display with annunciators and icons for better legibility
  • Provision for front cover open and terminal cover open detection even in power off mode
  • Interval data storage for up to 800 parameter days


Connection type 3 phase 3 wire / 3 phase 4 wire
Power factor 0.5 Lag<->Unity<->0.8 Lead
Load terminals Variant specific (Internal 2A load control)
Metrology lamp Metrological LED, Configurable for ANSI port, (Tx LED)
Compliance AS62052.11, AS62054.21, AS62053.22, AS1284.10.2, NMI-M6
Accuracy Class 0.5 (Active energy)
Power supply
Rated voltage LT 3 Ph 4 W: 240 Vnominal, (-20% to +20%, Vnominal ) | HT3 Ph 3 W: 110 V,nominal(-20% to +20%, Vnominal )
Rated frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
Reserve power supply (for outage notification)
Default 300 ms
Current range 5 A, Ib , 15 A, Imax
Line (P – N) Withstand 415 VAC continuous, 10 kV @ 0.5 Joule
RJ 45 port Withstand 4 kV HVAC / 1 Minute
Rating disconnect 100A, Auxiliary Load control 2A
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