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Study workshops and activity packs

This generation is of a different time. Then why use old techniques to teach, learn, understand and remember? This programme empowers students with techniques to study better, learn better, ask more and retain more.

Study Circle

It is a programme where volunteers help equip students with effective study techniques so they can learn better and adopt self-learning. Our volunteers take sessions and help students with techniques to learn and retain information better. They can apply these techniques to learn any subject or to prepare for an exam. It teaches them where and how to look for help when needed.

LATTU sheets (science investigation)

Lattu (Look, Ask, Test, Think and Understand) is a series of do-it-yourself sheets developed by our volunteers, with instructions to perform simple experiments with regular items found around the house. The idea is to build confidence and skills among children to test their ideas, observe the results and learn by themselves.

Playful learning resource pack (academic skills)

Another pack of learning sheets that are available in both physical and digital format. It has a variety of easy do-at-home activities for students to try on their own in a fun way and learn basic academic skills.