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The learning curve

Learning is a never-ending process, and we acknowledge that. Those who join us are expected to learn a lot, and will be provided with every opportunity to do so.

Since our business was first established, a key objective has always been to provide life-time employability, not just jobs. Technology itself demands that skills are constantly renewed and knowledge broadened, and a mutually deep commitment to professional growth is required from Semsites. During interviews, establishing an applicant’s attitude to learning is crucial for us. Upskilling is important, but moving ahead, the quest to apply knowledge and continue to self-learn lies with the individual and that drive is what we are seeking. We recruit internally, whenever possible, and job rotations are part of a strategy that pushes each of us to try new paths and keep on learning, and to pass that learning on. The learning curve is steep, and a competitive spirit urges us to push outside of our comfort zone, acquire new skills and stretch ourselves, to help us achieve something above and beyond the ordinary.

I work in administration and hadn’t picked up a sketch pad and pencils for about four decades. All of a sudden my team asked me to start doing weekly sketches. Our boss said, you can do it! And it turns out, I can.” Sanjay

Opportunities to deepen knowledge in our particular field, in addition to continuous learning in so many other spheres, are constant at Secure. ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ (a chat over tea) soon after we join, with other new joiners, and led by Semsites who have been here for a long time, quickly helps to develop our network and keep us in touch with the wider context of our work. HR regularly supports us to schedule sessions that meet personal learning needs, as identified by individuals. Acquiring further external professional qualifications may also be supported. Quality circles are very well-established across operations and have an extremely effective impact. We have come to know that the self-learning imbibed from these successful Quality circles has reaped positive benefits for Semsites that go far beyond their professional lives. Reading sessions and group dialogue about the latest developments in our field are frequent, and are highly valued as a safe space to facilitate the free flow of ideas.

People working on the lines (in our factory at Udaipur) have been to China, to compete in Quality circle competitions. Can you imagine? That journey, it’s amazing. They won it.” Bhumika

Volunteering activities organised by Dharohar offer us another environment to develop ourselves. Training sessions with Dharohar and external instructors associated with Dharohar, help equip us for roles as educators of the next generation, as well as broaden our network across the organisation and community. The many social and cultural activities we host at Secure, likewise provide countless opportunities to branch out and gain valuable experience of under-taking tasks which may require honing very different skills to those required for our usual roles. Keeping up with the quest to learn can be challenging, but the encouragement and on-going support, careful mentorship and inspiration we receive from other Semsites is second to none.

Don’t think that we are perfect in anything; Semsites must keep alive the hunger to learn. Binding ourselves to our comfort zone hinders us from learning or gaining knowledge.” Sankalp