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About us

Defining users of energy as customers, allows us to think about the energy supply chain and energy use in a very different light

We focus on users of energy in homes and workplaces to help reduce energy waste. Our solutions help reduce the cost of energy delivered to users. Users of energy are at the core of our thinking. We refer to them as customers, even though they don’t pay our bills directly. Defining users of energy as ‘customers’ stimulates us to create products and services that deliver them value. As a consequence, we are able to add true value to each link in the energy supply chain.


Our beliefs

Only a responsible business can endure, and this is what we endeavour to be, to the very best of our abilities in all spheres where we have influence.

It’s a curious thing, but these beliefs set the rhythm of our office, they vibrate through our day-to-day activities and appear in our thoughts like mantras.

Our journey

A potent fusion of Indian and British engineers sparked things off for us in 1987. Their foresight, out-of-the-box thinking and resourceful approach has enabled us to flourish on this path.


Change is constant - our approach to R&D

This simple philosophy inspires us – there is always a better way of doing things. It informs every aspect of a solution’s development, manufacture, delivery and on-going services, as well as how we do things in general.


Management and board

To realise our vision, we work out an optimum cost-point for users of energy. Growing the business pragmatically and burning the midnight oil is part of the deal. Remaining cool and cheerful is too.

Our global presence

Secure is an Indian multi-national and a privately owned business with operations in India, UK, Australia, Sweden, Italy and the Middle East. We also have two manufacturing partnerships in Malaysia and Ghana, which have enabled us to contribute to the swiftly emerging and major markets of Africa and Southeast Asia. Our solutions are available in more than 50 countries.

  • 44


    meters worldwide

  • 10


    smart / pre-payment meters

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