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Product at a glance

Our comprehensive range of reliable and accurate current transformers is ideal for LV industrial, commercial and residential metering applications. The current transformer range is an essential component of the AC measurement system, designed to work optimally with our panel instruments, transducers and energy meters. Our CTs are made in accordance with stringent plant quality assurance procedures, which comply fully with applicable standards (IS: 2705 & IEC: 60044-1). The range includes metering class CTs, protection and PS class CTs for primary current from 5 A to 5000 A and secondary current 5 A/1 A. Our CTs are available in accuracy classes 0.2s, 0.5s, 0.5, 1.0 (others on request) and with burden ranging from 1 VA to 50 VA.


  • Suitable for consumer and distribution transformer metering
  • Available in a range of formats, including cast resin, plastic casing, and  tape insulation
  • Wide range of current ratings, from 1 A to 3000 A, suitable for various bus bar/cable sizes, case widths and internal diameters
  • Certification from Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) as per IS:2705 (applicable for specific product range)
  • Custom-build facility for bulk orders


Insulation types Cast resin
Cycloaliphatic epoxy resin (outdoor application) Fibreglass tape
PVC tape
Plastic casing
Applicable standards IS: 2705, IEC: 60044-1
Accuracy class 0.2, 0.5s, 0.5, 1.0
( high accuracy 0.2s, 0.1 on request)
Instrument Security Factor (ISF) ≤5 (customer-specified ISF value on request)
Rated Continuous Thermal Current (CTC) 1.2 x In
Insulation class A: 50°C
E: 70°C
B: 80°C
F: 120°C
System voltage 660 V max (other values on request)
Insulation level 0.66 kV/3 kV (other values on request)
Operating frequency 50 Hz
Short time thermal current 5 kA (other values on request)
Secondary terminals Male stud M5, PVC insulated wire 2.5 mm2, enamelled copper wire with sleeve
Current Primary: 5 A to 5 kA
Secondary: 5 A/1 A