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The culture at Secure has always boosted my confidence to achieve things

How it all started

One of my friends was working with the company and referred me here. As a young girl, I was thrilled and excited to join such a reputed group. Memories of my first day at work are still fresh in my mind. Apart from regular job responsibilities, the scope of learning new things and honing my skills was immense.

My journey

It has truly been an enriching experience, not only professionally, but personally as well. Memories of the time spent here, with each and every Semsite, would always be a prized treasure of my life. I have learnt so many things, especially in HR, which will always be with me.

I like it here

The beauty of working at Secure is its welcoming environment. Everyone is easily approachable and keen to help. You can go and ask a question to anyone, irrespective of their department or seniority. The healthy and competitive work environment is the primary reason to stick with Secure for so long. I have most enjoyed my time with the HR team, where I witnessed the growth and success of so many employees.

Bringing out the best in me

I love challenges! They push me to evaluate the problem, think out of the box and come up with apt solutions. I cherish my contributions to streamlining various HR processes and effectively achieving ambitious targets. The culture at Secure has always boosted my confidence to achieve things. The working environment, family-like feeling, work-life balance, and the perks are endless. Secure has established a culture that’s built around encouraging and empowering female employees by providing them opportunities along with flexibility. The strong, intact beliefs and behaviours of the company lay a solid foundation for Semsites to learn, work together, and grow.