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The Work Objective

The purpose of the tests was to measure the performance of the pressurization pumps and to access which of these required rehabilitation. This would improve the condition of the asset and reduce operating costs and the carbon footprint of the pumps. In addition, a study was carried out to determine the most cost effective pumping configuration under varying system requirements.

System Description

The system consisted of four fixed speed pumps pumping water at high pressure into a long system of pipe work around the mining area. The requirements for water were varied and sustaining operating pressure in the system was difficult.

The table below shows by how much the efficiency has changed since the pumps were installed/refurbished.


The test results showed that at least two pumps would benefit from rehabilitation. In addition one pump had a blocked suction strainer which was affecting the performance of the pump. The system check highlighted the fact that operators were turning a fourth pump on in parallel to maintain pressure but the benefit was minimal, the cost of running the fourth pump was far higher than the benefit to the system. The testing of the pumps and system highlighted the benefits of real time performance monitoring in providing accurate performance information. This in turn allowed us to provide our customer with a range of options all of which would reduce operating costs and improve performance.