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In Guru-shishya relationship there are many variations in degree and form of authority.

The guru passes his knowledge to his shishya by virtue of the fact that his purified consciousness enters into the self of his shishya and communicates its particular characteristic. In this process the shishya is made part of the family, which is not based on blood relations but on the basis of ‘people of the same knowledge’.

It is a tradition of mentoring where teachings are transmitted from a guru to a shishya through the developing relationship between them. It is considered that this relationship, based on the genuineness of the guru and the respect, commitment, devotion and obedience of the shishya is the best way for knowledge to be conveyed from one to the other. The shishya eventually masters the knowledge that the guru embodies.

I compare my professional career of two decades with Secure with the above analogy and I am proud to say that I enjoyed the respect as a guru within my team rather than a boss. My shishyas have grown within and outside the organisation and pay respect to me even today with the same spirit of guru-shishya relationship which for me is the greatest gurudakshina.

I would proudly like to mention some of my shishyas who are glittering like stars in the professional world and some of them send their respects to me on Teacher’s Day.

Not in Secure: Kapil Singhal (MBH), Puneet Bhatnagar (Avon), Bachoo Singh (Genus), Manoj Tank (Adani), Gurmeet Singh (Power One Data) and K. M. Sharma (etone)

Secure (overseas): Deepesh Goswami

Secure (branches in India): B. Anil Kumar (Kolkata), Sanjib Mukherjee (Kolkata), Nitin Doshi (Vadodra), Jitendra Raheja (Gurgaon), Vibhor Mathur (Jaipur) and Vipin Sharma (Bhopal).

Secure (no longer in Sales Admin, India): Avanindra Dugar (CCG), Kamal Pagaria (Materials) and Naresh Singhal (TICK),

Secure(Sales Admin, India): Rajeev Dashora, Indrajeet Singh Rathore, Arun Kumar Sharma, Aryendra Jawalia, Subhas Vyas, Manish Vyas, Udailal Gurjar and Bhupendra Singh Jhala.

-Nagendra Singh