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We believe learning comes from the desire to be better. The urge to know more, do more and be more. That is what we strive for in our volunteering service to the community. When we develop our youth and strengthen the skills of our workforce, we make way for a better tomorrow. Hence, we spend our time working with schools, teaching students skills beyond textbook theories and traditional concepts of learning.

Sustainable change can only come from within the community!

Each volunteer is given three working days to devote to a community project that they care about, or that they feel will help them develop their own skills and confidence. These opportunities range from honing design and manufacturing skills, by building exciting and deep science experiments; to developing management skills, by leading teams in school and to improving data analysis experience, by joining the monitoring teams.

Our work is dedicated to equip children with the desire to learn, the ability to think and awareness of the broader world and their place in it.

Moving towards a more sustainable world

Udaipur is blessed with natural beauty all around and we are lucky to call it our home. It is our responsibility to ensure that it is preserved in its natural state for generations to come.

Third Space and Third Space mini

From shuffling back and forth from work or school to home and back, life can get a bit dull. What we need, is a place to break away from the stress and monotony to immerse ourself in a world of fun and amusement.

Study workshops and activity packs

This generation is of a different time. Then why use old techniques to teach, learn, understand and remember? This programme empowers students with techniques to study better, learn better, ask more and retain more.


In a world that thrives on communication and building connections, we must be able to evaluate arguments, listen empathetically and articulate our views. Debating is the best way to learn to voice your opinions and resolve conflicts.


Our country is known as the land of genius and bears a plethora of knowledge, recorded in numerous manuscripts over thousands of years. But when it comes to accessing them in today’s age, we fall short.

Wow shows

Do you remember back when you looked at everything with wonder and amazement? When you questioned things that sparked your interest and didn’t shy away from testing out theories?