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A reliable, transparent, and cost-effective method of managing electricity distribution.

Distribution sector is the cash register for the entire electricity business value chain. It is where the revenue is created, and it flows upstream to the transmission and generation companies. But unfortunately, distribution companies are the weakest link in this value chain. High AT&C losses and poor financial health are the most persistent and historical problems for Discoms. Various government schemes have been an enormous impetus to the electricity sector; however, these schemes and reforms have not been able to solve the problems of financial unavailability and operational inefficiency.

“Currently, the average loss across Discoms is 21.3 per cent, whereas in some areas these losses are close to 35-40 per cent.”

At present, Discoms rely on multiple vendors to manage their services delivery. Most of their time, effort, and money is spent on managing these vendors and coordinating with them. This divides their attention, and they are not able to concentrate on key business areas like strengthening their network, ensuring uninterrupted power supply, and offering customer services. The result – unreliable supply, unsatisfied customers, and poor financial health of Discoms.

One-stop service provider

Secure initiated a unique private partnership model for outsourcing the metering, billing, collection (MBC), and associated services, to a single entity through a service-led delivery model. Our MBC services is an amalgamation of all the customer-centric services associated with electricity distribution. Being the single point of responsibility, we improve Discoms’ revenue cycle and operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and reduce the cost-to-serve.

“We take care of the metering, billing and collection services, so that you can focus on your core business objectives.”

Range of services

Meter reading, billing, and collection

High-tech meters, based on the revenue levels of the customer, automatic meter reading service, and a robust billing system, with no manual intervention or coffee-shop reading, to help utilities in reducing billing errors and disputes. Multiple e-payment channels and cash collection counters ensure improved cash flow.

Asset maintenance and replacement

Being a single entity responsible for supply, installation, and maintenance of metering assets, for ten years, Secure procures good quality meters, that meet the quality and safety standards, and we adhere to the best installation practices.

Energy audit for loss reduction

Secure’s stepwise approach to energy auditing enables Discoms to assess network-wise losses, identify high loss feeders and DTs, and ensure regular monitoring of DTs. It has resulted in significant loss reduction at feeder and DT levels.

Network maintenance and fault rectification

Advanced maintenance and fault recovery system, along with precise data analysis, to reduce DT failure rates and proper load balancing to avoid overloading scenarios. Problems related to providing field support to consumers, no power, or any line faults are quickly attended and resolved.

Customer management tools

Useful customer management tools, like an interactive web portal in Hindi and local languages, a mobile app for essential consumer services, and a 24×7 customer care centre to improve consumer interaction for Discoms.

New connections

Quick installation, supply, and commissioning of new connections; consumers can directly call our customer care centres or log a new connection request on the web portal. Site visit, documents collection, online payment, and connection approval – everything is completed within 2-3 days.

We provide

  • New connection


  • Meter installation


  • Metering, billing and collection

    Metering, billing
    and collection

  • Network maintenance and energy auditing

    Network maintenance
    and energy auditing

  • 24x7 customer service

    24×7 customer

Benefits to Discoms

  • Accurate and reliable metering
  • Efficient billing and collection services
  • Simplified and better consumer engagement
  • Identification of revenue leakage points
  • Reduction in losses
  • Improved LT network health
  • Timely resolution of complaints

Benefits to customers

  • Monthly billing cycle; no financial burden
  • Accurate and simplified bills; no provisional bills
  • Multiple payment channels (online and offline)
  • Account access through web portal and mobile app
  • 24×7 customer care
  • Quick resolution of ‘no power’ complaints
  • Faster new connections
  • Improved power supply

The MBC model of distributing electricity is a win-win situation for all stakeholders. India takes a step forward towards corruption-free electricity distribution system; utilities can deliver transparent and reliable services, while improving their financial health; customers get hassle-free supply and services.