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Innovation and R&D

There is always a better way of doing things!



Money spent on electricity was shown on an in-house display (IHD). This could be used to control load and make payment.



Accuchek was a breakthrough in on-site testing of meters, which could now be carried out with a minimum disruption to customers.



Apex is a class 0.2 meter for metering bulk electricity transfer points. It was a major innovation at the time.



Northern Ireland Electricity replaces its prepayment system with Liberty. Shows money on a basic IHD. Users save on their bills. NIE achieves remarkable business results



Prodigy, a thread through meter used at distribution transformers was another innovation to combat fraud. Its thread through technology makes it hard to tamper with.



Sprint 200 and i-Credit 500 series of meters are a solution for AMI applications. Modular communications allow utilities to use the most appropriate solution ensuring they meet current and future needs.



The smart metering kit was the only SMETS1 compliant solution available in the UK at the time.

Censeo is based on a patented technology. It can monitor pumps, blowers and turbines to identify opportunities for savings and to audit performance.



Saral, the smallest single phase (class 1) meter in the world, sets new benchmark in accuracy. Revenue protection features enable revenue completeness.

Apex 150 is a high accuracy meter for power transfer points. Modular communications make it a flexible solution that enables integration with existing AMR/AMI/ SCADA systems. It allows future upgrade to SAS systems.



A range of compact, configurable multiple measurands, these transducers offer accurate and true RMS measurement. The response times are low and they are accurate instruments.

From day one, our founders imbibed the culture of innovation into our DNA. The CALMU TM technology that Secure licensed way back in 1988, was featured on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World. A technology that envisioned the electricity meter as the “energy accounting portal” of the home at that time, set the vision of what the future would hold for us.

In the late ’80s, recognising the importance of revenue protection for the utilities, we introduced the first tamper resistant meter in India. The technology that unleashed the power of electronics and intelligent software, changed the face of electricity metering forever in India. Our customers valued the potential and invested their trust in the brand “Secure” – not just in name, but in spirit as well.

In the early to mid ’90s, we worked with India’s national grid to introduce the frequency-based metering tariff regime, to improve grid discipline. This “world first” experiment proved hugely successful for the sixth largest energy consuming grid in the world.

In the late ’90s, Secure introduced the Liberty prepayment system to Northern Ireland. Liberty was not just an innovative product, it introduced a whole new world of business processes which place the ultimate consumer as the focal point for benefits. The power of choice, entwined with the concept of consumer benefits from retail of energy, as envisioned by our founders, resulted in a solution that the customers would lovingly call “my keypad”. Liberty also saw the transformation of Secure, from a product company, to a multi-faceted system solutions company, which has been running an online encryption service at >99.99% availability across the globe, for over 15 years now.

When utilities across South East Asia were suffering from huge distribution transformer failures, Secure introduced Prodigy. A completely new concept at the time, Prodigy helped utilities reduce their installation costs and improve the monitoring and management of distribution transformers in-field. Ten years on, Prodigy is still a favourite with the power distribution companies.

Secure’s energy accounting software suites, introduced in the early years of the millennium, changed the game of energy loss accounting. Working with the practitioners and leveraging our deep understanding of power flow in electrical networks, we developed an intelligent suite that integrates power flow equations from transmission lines to the distribution system.

Censeo, our water pump efficiency monitoring tool, launched early in the current decade, is a unique technology that helps water utilities reduce energy loss, by better scheduling and deployment of pumps.

Continuing our innovation journey in more recent times, Secure has introduced many more thought leading products and solutions. Spreading its wings into home control applications, Secure has introduced the SSP Socket Energy Monitor, a highly accurate control device for home use. Realising the potential for managing energy use in our homes better, Secure has introduced several products and systems that truly put control in the hands of the user.

True to our DNA, when it comes to smart metering, we have kept consumer benefits at the top of our mind. Our Smart Service solutions launched in 2013, based on 2G machine to machine technology, are hugely popular with our customers. The smart suite integrates multiple energy sources into a single smart pre-pay/credit switching solution. The system is supporting more than a million energy supply points, and has handled more than quarter of a billion smart transactions in less than three years. It has set a new benchmark of performance for our customers and users.

Just when everyone thought that basic residential electricity meters had reached the zenith of innovation, Secure introduced Saral in 2015. Saral is Hindi for “simple” and it is not just a product, it imbibes and reflects a whole new language for Secure’s approach to complex problems. Saral is simple, whether you think of the user, the installer, or the manufacturer.

Our journey of innovation hasn’t been one of just launching some products. As we have grown and learnt, we have adapted to the changing world of our consumers. We always believe that change is the only constant in life, and that technology must benefit society. Our principles of innovation are driven by our mission to deliver simple and effective solutions to users, to reduce energy consumption, save costs and enhance comfort. As we passionately march on in this journey, we know and believe “there is always a better way of doing things.”