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Product at a glance

Compact, long rangesite configurable transducers

PT1 is a range of compact, configurable single-input transducers designed to meet the demanding needs of supply utilities and industrial applications. It offers accurate true-RMS measurements and quick response time. It is equipped with two load-independent, galvanically-isolated analogue outputs that can be configured on site for different input parameters, input range and output curves.


  • Best in class response time
  • Long range, site-configurable inputs and outputs
  • Load-independent accuracy on all outputs
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Compact footprint


Measurement functions (measurands)
AC/DC voltage
Nominal input (Un) 57.7 V to 415 V
Measuring range 0 to 130% of Un (up to 500 V)
Measurement frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Burden ≤0.2 VA
Maximum overload voltage 1.3 x Un continuously
2 x Un for 1 s, with up to 10 repetitions at 10 s intervals
Scale factor 0.8 to 1.3 x Un (up to 500 V)
For self-powered variant (AC/DC Voltage)
Measurement range 80 to 276 V AC/DC
Measurement range 0 to 110% Un
Burden ≤6VA, 3W with one output at 750 Ω
≤7VA, 3.5W with two outputs at 750 Ω each
AC current
Nominal input (In) 1 A to 5 A
Measuring current range 0 to 150% of In
Scale factor 0.6 to 1.5 x In
Burden ≤0.2 VA
Maximum overload current 2 x In continuously
20 x In for 1 s, with up to 10 repetitions at 100 s intervals
DC current
Measurement input range -20-0-(+20) mA directly, or -300-0-(+300) mV through shunt
Nominal input voltage (Un) 57.7 V to 415 V
Input voltage range 0 to 130% of Un (up to 500 V)
Nominal input current (In) 1 A to 5 A
Input current range 0 to 150% In
Measurement frequency 50/60 Hz (±5%)
Scale factor 0.5 to 1.5 of Un x In (at unity power factor)
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