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Product at a glance

Compact static heat / cooling meter

The Calorio 100 is a lightweight and robust compact heat /cooling meter consisting of a high-tech composite flow meter,a detachable integrator with a wide range of communications options and a pair of temperature sensors. It's used in home automation, local and district heating /cooling systems to measure the consumption of heating or /and cooling energy for individual billing. The Calorio 100 is designed on the basis of the proven fluid oscillation principle. Thanks to the use of a static flow sensor,this heat meter does not have any moving parts and thus no wear. The fluid oscillation principle guarantees a high stability and repeatability for a reliable and precise measurement of flow and thermal energy. It is optimally suited for glycol and other mixtures. It's built for flows of qp 1.5 m3/h and qp 2.5 m3/h and measures the temperature within the range of 0°C to 110°C. Through its two additional optional pulse inputs, it is possible to connect,e.g., two water meters (hot and cold) and read their values remotely via the heat meter. The Calorio 100 meets the requirements of the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2014/32/EU, standard EN 1434 class 2 and the RED 2014/53/EU


  • Compact heat / cooling meter with detachable integrator for domestic metering
  • District heating and cooling schemes
  • Home automation
  • Heat / cooling metering – riser, lateral or community


Permanent flow detection thanks to the fluidic oscillation measuring principle
  • Flow meter of high-tech Composite lightweight and robust
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • No moving parts, thus no wear
  • Not sensitive to dirt, air bubbles and liquids with changing viscosity
  • Self-cleaning thanks to the fluidic oscillation pulse in the flow meter
  • Long-term stability, accurate and reliable measurement


  • The heat and cooling meters Calorio 100 are optimized for the measurement and calculation of energy consumption in district or local heating systems.
  • Configured as a heat meter MID with temperature sensors Ø 5 mm, 1.5m
  • Optical interface for readout and 6+1 years battery
  • Easy to operate and read
  • Non-volatile EEPROM memory, that keeps stored data even in case of power failure
  • 18 monthly energy values for heat energy and volume
  • Self-monitoring and error display


Temperature sensors
2 wire temperature sensor Pt1’000
Diameter Ø5.0; Ø5.2, Ø6.0 mm
Cables length 1.5 m
Approved temperature range 0…110°C
Differential range 3…75 K
Response limit 0.5 K
Temperature resolution t (display) 0.1 °C
Temperature resolution t (display) 0.01 K
Temperature-measurement cycle at nominal flow 10 seconds
Flow-measurement cycle Permanent
Integrator General
Environment class C
Mechanics M1
Electronics E1
Battery protection class |||
Cable connection between flow sensor and integrator 0.6 m, fix
Integrator Protection index IP 65
Operating temperature 5…55°C
Operating temperature with radio option 5…40°C
Storage and transport temperature -10…60°C
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