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Product at a glance

Automatic demand manager

Maxchek 400 is a smart maximum demand controller with standard size 96x96 mm specifically designed for industries to keep a check on their maximum demand. It gives an alarm when demand approaches a preset value and also switches off non-essential loads in a pre-programmed logical sequence. This predictive maximum demand controller (MDC) allows stage wise load restoration to maximize the use of a sanctioned load. Maxchek 400 is most suitable for the demand control of industrial consumers, HT consumers and commercial establishments. It also support ethernet module for communication.


  • Commercial and industrial sanctioned demand monitoring & controlling applications
  • Control panels for complete plant demand controlling
  • Demand management for commerce and industry


  • Easy interface with external devices through built-in Modbus (RS-485)
  • Detachable connectors for easy installation
  • Three relay and one alarm output
  • Suitable for star or delta connections and for low or high-voltage applications
  • Alarm output for audible indication.
  • Field-configurable CT/PT primary and secondary values using push-buttons
  • Calibration LED for on-site accuracy check
  • Configurable software (ConfigView) for reading of parameters and load survey
  • Shift wise demand configuration


  • Two modes of programming - preventive mode (only alarm no control), predictive mode (alarm and automatic control)
  • Predictive demand control to forewarn, take corrective measures and check maximum demand crossovers
  • Multi-level (phase wise and shift wise) priority based automatic load control mechanism to disconnect lowpriority loads in phased manner
  • Configurable demand integration period for sliding and fixed type
  • Optimised load disconnection time
  • Online load planning by continuously indicating loads that can be added or need to be disconnected (within safe operating limits)
  • Check meter with accuracy class 0.2s,0.5s and 1.0
  • Auto and push button display
  • An user friendly software to program and monitor
  • Control outputs for alarm and trip applications - it provides 3 control and one alarm outputs, in the form of potential free contacts
  • Large four-line seven-digit display (9.7 H x 5 W mm) with quadrant identification section and bar graph for instantaneous power-level indication
  • Ethernet gateway module for easy integration


Connection type Common product for HT3/ HT4/LT application
Wiring configuration Common product for 3 P-3 W and 3 P-4 W application.
Voltage range
Measurement voltage range 57.7 V(100V) – 240 V (415 V) AC 3 phase 4 wire (3 phase 3 wire)
Tolerance -30% to +20% of Vn
Aux power supply range 80 – 300 V AC/DC or 24 – 60 V DC (variant)
Current range Available 1-2A and 5-10 A in single variant (field configurable)
Main frequency 50/60Hz with ±5%
Accuracy class 0.2s, 0.5s, 1.0
Burden Aux burden: 3.5 VA; 8VA with module connected
Current ckt burden: 1 A – 0.05VA per phase, 5 A – 0.25 VA per phase
Voltage ckt burden: 0.15 VA per phase
Energy type Active Imp (T), Apparent Imp, Active Forwarded, Apparent Forwarded
Averaging period 1min or 5min
Trip circuit 3 Circuit
Alarm activation time Active for 30 seconds or active for whole averaging period
Short time over current 20 x Imax for 1 sec., 10 x Imax for 3 sec., 7 x Imax for 10 sec.
Standards* IS13779, IS14697, IEC62052-11, IEC62053-23 and IEC62053-22, IEC61010
Dimensions (WXHXD) 96 x 96 x 115 mm
Cut out size 92 x 92 mm
Weight 0.5 kg (approx)
Mechanical enclosure FRPC
Terminals Combicon connector
Max conductor size 2.5 mm2

Key Point

  • Monitoring and control of sanctioned electrical maximum demand
  • Flexible programming selection, with or without automatic load control
  • Programmable sequential load tripping
  • Shift-wise demand configuration
  • Configurable for wide range of applications and wiring types
  • Power quality measurement
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