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Product at a glance

Multi-function meters, with configurability and alerts to act, that are easy to install and use

The Elite series is a range of multi-line, three-phase digital panel meters for reliable and accurate true-RMS measurement of electrical parameters (voltage, current, power, frequency etc.). It is apt for industrial and commercial applications and is available in two display types, LED display (Elite 100) and LCD display (Elite 300), with MODBUS communication, pulse output or alarm output available as an option.


  • Commercial and industrial sub-metering
  • Energy Management System (EMS) applications
  • Building management and monitoring systems (BMS)
  • High and medium voltage switchgear panels
  • Power control centre (PCC) panels
  • Motor control centre (MCC) panels
  • LV distribution panels
  • Control and relay panels
  • Automation and monitoring systems


  • Multiple electrical parameters in a single device
  • Quick and easy installation with a unique pass-through concept for current termination (with minimal burden)
  • Single product suitable for a variety of panel applications, through field configuration
  • Wide-range aux input makes it suitable for a variety of installation scenarios
  • Alerts on display for monitoring critical parameters
  • User-friendly touch-sense keys for easy display access and configuration
  • Modbus communication (optional) for system integration


  • Four-line alphanumeric LED / LCD display with seven digits for energy and five digits for instantaneous parameters
  • Reliable and accurate measurement
  • User-configurable alert thresholds for various parameters
  • Unique pass-through mechanism for current termination
  • Wide-range AC / DC auxiliary power supply
  • High level of protection degree
  • Display of minimum and maximum values
  • THD measurement for voltage and current, up to 31 harmonics
  • Current and power demand monitoring
  • Option for RS-485, pulse output or alarm output
  • True root-mean-squared (RMS) metering
  • Password protected setup mode
  • On-site setup for wiring configuration (3P 3W / 3P 4W)
  • Auto unit scaling for voltage, current, power and energy
  • Scroll-lock feature support
  • Configurable Modbus registers for ease of integration (Modbus variants only)


Connection type Common product for 1P2W / 3P3W / 3P4W applications
Measuring voltage range 20 V to 500 V
Nominal voltage range (U,) 57.5 V to 240 V (phase to neutral).100 V to 415 V (phase to phase)
Over voltage 150% of U„ continuous
Measuring current range 50 mA to 6A
Nominal current range (I,) 1 A or 5 A
Overload 150% of I, continuous
Frequency range 45 to 65 Hz
Power factor 01 lag – Unity – 0.1 lead (for I, and U,)
Auxiliary power supply range 40 to 300 V AC / DC
Short- time over current 120 A for 1 sec
Temperature coefficient Voltage, current: 0.05% / °C
Bezel size 96 x 96 x 55 mm (70.8 mm with parking terminals)
Panel cut-out 92 x 92 mm
Tolerance +0.5mm
Weight Approx 320 grams
Enclosure Flame Retardant Polycarbonate (as per UL 94 VO)
Voltage/auxiliary Combicon connectors: up to 2.5 mm’ cable
Current Pass-through CT connection: up to 4 mm’ cable
Parking terminal for CT terminations (optional) U-type / ring-type terminations: maximum up to 2.5 mm’
Combicon connectors: up to 2.5 mm’
Digital output / RS.-485 / alarm output 9Combicon connectors: up to 2.5 mm2 cable
Number of lines 4 lines
Number of digits 7 digits for energy parameters, 5 digits for instantaneous parameters
Energy resolution Up to 0.01 resolution

What is Included in the Box

  • One meter
  • Two mounting clamps
  • One operating manual
  • One parking terminal*
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