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Product at a glance

Onsite testing and performance monitoring

Censeo is a comprehensive roto-dynamic performance and condition monitoring platform. It has been developed using our patented thermodynamic technique, using head, differential temperature and power, and is the latest version of our Yatesmeter range. It can also operate using the conventional technique based on head, flow and power. It can be used to monitor the performance of the three key types of roto-dynamic machine (pumps, hydro-turbines and blowers). It measures the performance of centrifugal and positive-displacement units. It also measures flow accurately, even if the pumping system does not have sufficient straight lengths of pipework for conventional flow metering techniques.It accurately measures pump and system performance parameters, helping to improve the energy efficiency of pumping systems and to reduce their carbon footprint.It can also be used to monitor the hydraulic performance of a wide range of rotating machines in industrial applications, manufacturing plants and power stations. The provision of analogue inputs and outputs allows Censeo to be used as a fully integrated condition monitoring system. It can be readily integrated into a SCADA system, providing detailed pump performance and condition monitoring data for optimal operation. Built-in relays provide secondary protection for the pumping system and can be set to generate an alarm or trip a circuit, using data from up to eight of the measured parameters.


  • Pump performance testing and monitoring for low-temperature fluids
  • Flow metering in pumped systems
  • Verification and bench marking of pumping station performance
  • Condition monitoring (vibration, temperature and level)
  • Secondary protection (for pump and associated motor)


  • Reduced energy costs through improved plant and system efficiency
  • Helps to identify the optimum time to repair or replace pumps
  • Increased reliability through condition monitoring
  • Minimised repair and replacement costs through early detection of mechanical and hydraulic faults
  • Low installation and set up costs


  • Accurate measurement
  • ompact and modular design for panel or surface mounting
  • Graphical display, with four navigation keys
  • Logging of hydraulic and electrical parameters
  • Field-configurable analogue inputs and outputs
  • Alarms for various pump parameters
  • Large built-in memory (up to 40 days for 15 parameters, at 15-minute intervals)
  • RS-485 port for integration with SCADA/PLC/Telemetry systems via Modbus RTU protocol
  • Integration into PROFIBUS systems


Auxiliary supply 110-230 V AC/DC
Internal relays 2 nos. contact rating 230 V AC, 2 A
Standard ISO 5198, ISO 4185, IEC61326-1, CISPR22, EN 61010-1:2001
Dimensions (W X H X D) 144 x 144 x 172 mm
Weight 1.2 kg (approx.)
Mounting type Panel or wall mounting
Material Fire-retardant polycarbonate
Ambient temperature -10°C to +60°C
Ingress protection IP 54
Humidity 95% non-condensing
95% non-condensing
Pump parameters Pump efficiency, system efficiency, head and flow
Electrical parameters Drive power, voltage, current and frequency
Display 128 x 80 pixel graphical LCD, 81 x 53 mm, with green backlight
Data logging Up to 40 days for 15 parameters, with 15-minute integration period
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