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Product at a glance

 The Liberty 200 smart meter is a part of Secure’s established and proven Liberty online smart metering platform. It is a new generation, single-phase, smart prepayment electricity meter, equipped with a bi-directional cellular (NB-IoT ) communication that allows it to interact with the head end system (HES) for data collection and configuration with adequate security. 


It covers the state of the art smart functionality, coupled with revenue protection capabilities, making it the ideal solution for smart metering applications.


A built-in connect-disconnect switch and intelligent firmware platform in the Liberty 200 can deliver smart metering use cases of an energy supplier. 


It provides account balance and consumption information in monetary terms, without any dependency on the WAN communication network, which helps consumers to monitor and budget their energy consumption.


  •  Residential metering

  • Small commercial metering


  • Periodic remote data availability for utility reconciliation and monitoring
  • Improved revenue collection efficiency and elimination of billing errors through smart pre-payment functionality
  • On-demand data collection to serve critical use cases like vigilance
  • No site visits to disconnect / reconnect consumer load point
  • Enables efficient field operations to quickly restore faults by providing reliable, timely, node-specific power interruption information 
  • Reduced cost of ownership
    • eliminates the cost of manual reading
    • designed to serve long life in the field
  • A common metering asset for forwarded or import-export mode monitoring
  • Same asset extension as permanent connection from temporary connection mode
  • Peak and off-peak management


  • Reliable, bi-directional NB-IoT (with fall-back to GPRS) communication unit
  • Connect-disconnect switch with performance equivalent to UC1 or better
  • Secure data delivery to head end system (HES)
  • Supports pre-pay and credit modes
  • Pre-pay functionalities – friendly credit hours and days, emergency credit, arrear recovery, etc.
  • Intuitive, legible and user-friendly display
  • Capacitive touch keypad for ease of display navigation
  • Extensive revenue protection measures
  • Logging of tamper events and information alerts to the backend system
  • Quality of supply (QoS) monitoring
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • BLE support to interact with Secure’s consumer mobile-app



Connection type 

1-phase 2-wire, direct connected

Rated voltage and variation 

240 V P-N, +/- 30% of Vref

Current range 

5-60 A


Class 1.0


50 Hz, ± 5%

Metrology LED 

One LED for configured energy

Switch category 

UC1 or better


Voltage circuit 

As per IS 16444

Current circuit 

As per IS 16444



IS 16444, IS 15959 


Dimensions W x H x D 

150 mm X 238 mm X 67 mm ±5 mm


1.20 kg (approximately)

Consumer benefits (smart pre-pay)

  • Effective energy budgeting through balance and energy consumption information in monetary terms
  • Balance and energy consumption information available without any dependency on WAN communication and HES
  • Convenient options to recharge and top up (mobile app)