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Our customers showed us the way


Bhilwara’s low voltage problem

In Bhilwara, after taking over the city’s metering, billing and collection (MBC) operations, we observed that customers received electricity at a very low voltage in many residential areas. This was a major problem for them. They had been suffering from this phenomenon (low voltage during summer) for years. Due to this improper voltage, the customers were unhappy, as they could not use basic electrical equipments like fans, refrigerators, coolers, etc.

A group of residents from Azad Nagar (ward 12) came to our service centre, explained their problem, and registered low voltage complaints. They requested us to solve the problem so they could live comfortably at home. Secure’s technical team inspected the site, identified the root cause and solved the problem by laying additional low tension (LT) wire to provide appropriate voltage.

Taking care of their complaints

When the men (those who had registered the complaint) returned home from work, they were surprised to see that their complaint had been taken care of. The electricity was now at the correct voltage, and their electronic appliances worked properly. The next day, a group of five came to Secure’s main office, distributed sweets and thanked our team for solving their problem. They were pleased with and appreciated our work.

Seeing the happiness on customers’ faces was a real confidence booster for team Secure. We decided to examine the loading of distribution transformers. During peak load hours, we carefully assessed the loading of 700 distribution transformers and collaborated with AVVNL to enhance the load on 25 to 30 specific transformers. This helped us to successfully resolve the issue of low voltage, much to the satisfaction of our customers.

Customers – Our first priority

The Secure Bhilwara team is committed to putting all necessary effort into solving customer complaints within its services’ scope. It gives us immense pleasure to help our customers. We strongly believe that they are the most important stakeholders in the business. This customer-centric mindset helps us to foster trust and loyalty among customers, leading to long-term relationships and positive word-of-mouth.