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Women empowerment

Today women make up 52% of our factory workforce

Employee skill enhancement is highly valued at Secure. As a consequence, people from nearby tribal areas have acquired skills in various fields in our training cell.

There is a common belief around Udaipur that a woman’s role should purely be home-making, and therefore there is social pressure on them not to work in the industry.

Secure has a sharp focus on women empowerment, and speedy efforts are in place to establish a totally women-oriented workforce. Most of the areas around Udaipur are tribal and by providing training to women from such areas, Secure has converted them into skilled workers. This has enabled them to become self-dependent.

Today, women are working in Secure at almost all levels. They are operating automatic machines on the shop floor and in other areas such as hand-soldering, assembling, packing, repairing machines, research, management, etc.

A secondary school certification is the minimum qualification required to work at Secure and women are encouraged to improve their educational level whilst doing their job. To fulfill this task their shifts are arranged in such a way, that they get time to study.

Providing a secure environment for our female employees is a priority. Today the percentage of women at our factory in Udaipur is 52 per cent.