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The first few years

Foresight: The first meeting

One day, deeply involved in my meter related problems, I was deliberating with my technicians and engineers in the meter laboratory of the Ahmedabad Electricity Company, when the telephone rang. The ringtone indicated it was an STD call.

Tenacious: The first order

The CALMU meter was a class masterpiece, but in 1987 when it first appeared in the marketplace, no one was ready to purchase and use it.

Positive: Testing meters

At AECo (Ahmedabad Electricity Company - presently Torrent Power) we had a practice of testing and calibrating each meter received from our supplier.

Innovative Accuchek

Accuchek was developed as an on-site kWh meter test equipment. It was housed in a vanity bag. Those were the days of Ferraris wheel meters.

Collaboration: The genesis of Prodigy

Once I showed a meter to Sanjay sb in our AECo (Ahmedabad Electricity Co Ltd – presently Torrent Power) meter laboratory, which was in a cast iron box and had three wires with soldered lugs projecting out on both sides.

Customer focus: Liberty in Northern Ireland started with a small “i”

To appreciate this story, you need to realise that back in 1998, western Europe was in love with the idea of Smart Cards. France had led the way with “Chip & PIN”, real security for your credit card, debits cards, no need to carry cash again.

Adaptable: UK Code of Practice 5 Metering

Our business exists as a direct result of innovative ideas and practical solutions coupled with good contacts with our customers. Sometimes we have found that we can offer something that our competitors cannot match. Here is one example.

Competent: Raju, but I thought you worked for my utility

405 meters, 40 MRIs and three DOS based computers was the largest meter order in 1991; in the whole year we produced approx 700 meters. The customer was a utility in Central India, the order was for their energy audit project.

Caring: Secure with Secure

I was not feeling very good in the morning and decided to take a day off work to rest. As I was sitting with a cup of coffee on my bed, I thought I would write some notes on the upcoming pilot project. Surprisingly when I started writing I could not think of work; all I could think was of the sense of peace and pride you feel in working for Secure Meters.