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Consistent cooling comfort while ensuring at least 10% energy saving
Beanbag Cool thermostat delivers consistent cooling comfort by intelligently adjusting air-conditioners to changes in ambient conditions, helping you conserve energy and save money.
Stay cool, simple

Stay comfortable all the time with the Beanbag Cool thermostat. Its sensors and built-in logic optimise your air-conditioner's settings to help you save energy and money. The thermostat automatically adjusts your air-conditioner's cooling cycle in real time based on sunlight, humidity, airflow, and weather conditions.

The thermostat is designed to work with air conditioners that have an IR remote with a display. For those with larger rooms and spaces, an additional sensor can be purchased alongside the Beanbag Cool thermostat. This additional sensor can accurately sense the temperature and help you achieve maximum comfort.

Beanbag Thermostat 500, DX Type for split/window AC, 230V AC, Wi-Fi, BLE

Beanbag cool for FCU, 230V AC, wall mount, Wi-Fi, ON/OFF Valve with external BLE sensor

Beanbag cool for FCU, 230V AC, wall mount, Wi-Fi, key tag input version

Beanbag cool for FCU, 24V AC, wall mount, Wi-Fi, 0-10V modulating valve with external BLE sensor

Beanbag External temperature sensor 110, AAA Battery Powered, BLE

How it works
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Key features
Beanbag Cool Key features
Manage multiple ACs at multiple locations right from your smartphone

With the Beanbag Cool thermostat's user-friendly app, you gain effortless control over your multiple air-conditioning systems, all from a single control point. No matter where you are, you can easily manage and monitor your air-conditioners. With our intuitive app, there is no need to adjust each AC unit manually.

Simplify your cooling experience with our smartphone app.

Energy saving calculator
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  • *Savings may vary based on the air conditioner and usage.
  • *We have set benchmarks based on different seasons.
Centralised control with a web-based application

Experience the convenience of centralised control and monitoring for your dispersed cooling systems with the Beanbag Cool thermostat’s web-based application. Enjoy the flexibility and ease of controlling all your cooling units through one centralised interface.

  • Check temperature and humidity on a real-time basis
  • Search option with different filters to find a specific device
  • Custom schedules for ‘Comfort Mode’ and ‘Away Mode’
Frequently asked questions

DX unit: Thermostat and a set of screws
FCU unit: Thermostat, mounting base plate, external temperature sensor, and a set of screws
Please note that the backplate (white) in either set is optional. The packaging itself has wiring and connection details printed on it. You can also download the quick installation guide from

If you need help with Beanbag Cool, please contact us at our toll-free number 1800-3000-0101.

Yes, the mobile application can be used by multiple users as per the subscription plan.

Yes, it is compatible with both, provided the AC should have an IR remote control with a display.

The device will override the command given by the remote control.

It consumes 0.5 MB of data per device per day. It will vary and may increase if you give excessive control commands to the device.

The distance between AC and Beanbag Cool can be 20 to 25 feet [for Beanbag 500].

The line of sight range is 50 feet. With obstacles, it is approximately 20 to 30 feet.

Currently, the documentation is only available in English. To view it, please go to and log in.
Live cooling control
Beanbag Cool makes life easier, avoids energy waste and significantly reduces operational costs, whilst increasing comfort.
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