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Product at a glance

Modular 2-way communication with optional load control

The i-Credit 510 single phase meter provides communications flexibility using a modular design and DLMS/COSEM to readily accommodate the latest communication technologies. The communication module can be factory installed or field installed/replaceable. This allows for greater flexibility by utilising best of breed technologies and future proofing your investment. i-Credit 510 paves the way for easy and convenient data transfer from the meter to the utility's back office and is the perfect solution for AMI applications. Provision for a range of communication technologies including Mesh Radio, 3G/4G devices, among others, ensures the i-Credit 510 will meet your current and future needs.


  • Domestic single phase metering
  • Small commercial premises
  • AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and AMI ready
  • Suitable for co-generation metering applications


  • Modular communication for easy integration with AMI system
  • Front mounted communications module for easy access
  • Better information on usage to manage energy consumption
  • Multiple configurations: up to 16 pre-loaded in the meter and executed in the field (variant specific) - ease of inventory management
  • Ripple Control Receiver (twin element only) – better emand management (build options)


  • Four quadrant metering with import/export registration
  • Remote and local de-energisation and energisation
  • Support for AMI features: TOU based switching, boost, supply capacity control (variant specific)
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Large capacity power supply to support high communications demands
  • Modular communications front belly design with support for a range of communication devices
  • Enhanced load profile capability with primary load profile for energy data and secondary load profile for supply quality
  • Logging and remote notification (alarm) of events
  • Quality of Supply (QoS) monitoring
Provision for tamper detectionStandards/Regulatory:
  • DLMS/COSEM – Open protocol compliant
  • Meets the minimum services specifications (Australian National Electricity Rules)


Connection type 1 Phase, 2 wires, active-neutral, direct connected
Measuring elements 1 or 2 elements
Rated voltage 230 V AC, -20% to +15%
Maximum voltage 300 V (L-N) continuous
Impulse withstand 10 kV, 0.5Joule (as per IEC) | 12 kV, 9Joule (as per NMI M6)
Current range 10 A Ib, 100 A Imax
Accuracy Class 1.0 (active energy), class 2.0 (reactive energy)
Metrology lamp Two metrological LEDs for active and reactive energy (configurable pulse rate)
Standards* AS 62052.11, AS 62052.21, AS 62053.21, AS 62053.23, NMI M6-1
IEC 62052.11, IEC 62052.21, IEC 62053.21, IEC 62053.23, IEC62056 series (DLMS/COSEM)
Exceeds minimum services specification, as per the Australian National Electricity
Amendment (expanding competition in metering and related services)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 145mm x 190mm x 112mm (standard terminal block cover)
145mm x 230mm x 112mm (extended terminal block cover)
Enclosure Fire-retardant polycarbonate
Sealing Terminal cover, meter main cover, config button, communication module
Weight 1.4 to 1.6 kg (approx) depending on variant
Display 7-character alphanumeric LCD with backlight and icons for status
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