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Life at Secure

Competent teamwork: LBBD, CSA (Colin Smith Associates) and Secure

This project highlights how our organisation can identify a customer’s requirement and as a unified team, pulls togeher across different parts of the organisation and SBU’s, to respond to a completely diverse set of requirements to provide a quality product in an unbelievably short time.

Caring: Guru-shishaya relationship

The guru passes his knowledge to his shishya by virtue of the fact that his purified consciousness enters into the self of his shishya and communicates its particular characteristic.

Collaboration: 8 to 80 per cent – a three months journey

“What is the throughput in your plant?” asked Gole Saab during a discussion on business process re-engineering This simple and important question made a big difference, it triggered action in this area.

Collaboration: Secure’s success in Australia

Secure has been very successful whilst introducing and providing smart meters in Australia. In part, this is because we have been agile in our approach to customer demands, local industry requirements and the business environment.

Customer focus: Change without disrupting service

A very important part of the Swedish business is our services, and we provide measuring services to our customers as a part of all installed meters and loggers. These services mean that measured values should be available to our customers at all times through a web-portal, web service and / or on-demand through telephone or mail.

Tenacious: A roller coaster ride – JFM’11

Everyone has different experiences that trigger memories of certain events and at times, some of these stories can go a long way to inspire us to keep pursuing our goals and dreams. With this thought, I decided to write about one of ‘my’ rather than ‘our’ (Semsites') successes, which will always be remembered as a remarkable achievement of my tenure at Secure.

Positive: Story behind stories

Most Semsites will have received the Secure story book. I assume, sorry, I am sure these stories have been an inspiration for you.