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Books by great authors might also be used as dumbbells to add to your strength and core body conditioning.

We had been reading the news about the spread of Corona virus in Wuhan, China and wondering how were people living in lockdown to protect themselves from such a deadly virus. We never thought that one day this will come to us as well, and we will also be living in a lockdown situation. COVID-19 has now become a worldwide pandemic and all chores of life come to standstill. On a positive side, lockdown helped nature to revive; water of Ganga, Yamuna and other rivers became much cleaner, skies became more blue, air pollution index came down to all time low, birds and animals got their well-deserved space in the nature.

I have set-up my office in the drawing room, and I start daily at 9:30am with a review of NPII and ECMS teams on WebEx, followed by various meetings, replying to emails, reading books, and learning from online courses and webinars. We discuss progress on the assigned tasks and how to equip team members to work from home comfortably and efficiently. EHS team prepared and completed remote ISO audit of “Emergency preparedness, response, safety and incident reporting (PIA)” on 28th April. Wrote a detailed set of guidelines, for example, “Guidelines: to protect from COVID-19” and “Safety: while working from home”. Another guidelines on, “Ergonomics and seating postures” are in progress.

Ajit ji gave us a challenge to develop an event management software “Sandhan” to collect inputs from the NPD employees, with a facility for approval from SPOC (Single point of contact) and Admin. The same was developed and made live. I can say that this solution from ideation to roll out, was completed during the lockdown period and in the shortest duration. Special credit goes to Ajit ji, Aarti, Neha, Nitesh and Shubham.

To utilise the time of last semester’s trainees effectively, various online courses and material was made available to them. All the mentors have been regularly communicating to help them in learning, completing project and preparing for the presentation topic. Function wise WhatsApp groups played a role of blog and information exchange. Special thanks to Ayush Maheshwari for preparing a training video on DLMS protocol basic and advanced, and Ravi Dudi for preparing a video on Meter-Bus protocol which proved to be very useful for training.

I have taken online training sessions about “Electrical Engineering fundamental concepts and latest developments” for BE electrical students from Manipal University, Jaipur and Nirma University, Ahmedabad. These sessions were very much appreciated by the students and faculty members. Thanks to Chetan and Pooja for arranging the same.

I have also joined an online leadership course called, “Becoming a successful leader” from MIT University. Also I attended various webinars organised by IEEMA and UCCI to learn about the current business scenarios and technical knowledge.

On the rest days, I made a video on “Sajjangarh biological park” along with my daughter Aleena Quazi and uploaded on YouTube. I had been thinking of completing this video for a long time but not able to finish it. Can click on the link to view the video.

Photography is my passion and I made full use of this lockdown period, and participated in a photography competition organised by the “Lake City Camera Club” , and was awarded first prize in the product photography category.

To summarise, we have a lot many things to do and effective utilisation of time can increase productivity. We pray to the almighty that COVID-19 pandemic will soon be over, and our lives come to normal.