Secure began life in 1987 as a diversification from the existing family business. We licensed solid state electronic metering technology from the UK, to help distribution companies in India improve their revenues. It was the first commercially available electronic metering product in the world and produced dramatic improvements in revenue assurance in India.

Today, Secure is the only business in the world that is integrated down stream from an energy supply company. We provide products and services that can be used to measure energy, inform of its usage and even help control its usage. Our products range from the supply of gas & electricity, meters, instruments and heating & cooling controls alongside a host of services both physical and data that enhance the use of our hardware.

A diverse product base has meant that we have developed an incredibly diverse and vibrant customer base. While this provides us with a unique opportunity to learn a lot about the technical and economic aspects of the energy supply chain, it brings a significant challenge to the business as well. So as to be able to provide the appropriate quality of customer service to all our customers, we have arranged the business along the lines of Strategic Business Units (SBUs). Each SBU serves particular customer segments ensuring that each of them gets the level of service they require.

Supply SBU – Customers, this is the only direct to Customer SBU
Energy SBU – All utility companies and energy supply companies
M&C SBU – All other institutional customers that work with utility and energy companies and some non utility energy suppliers

By making the entire product portfolio available to each of the SBUs we have been able to deliver a long lasting impact. Products are developed and produced at our various locations keeping in mind each SBU’s requirements. At Secure we have a number of different offices and factories and we operate from six countries in Australia, Asia and Europe.