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A modern, refined approach to manage city gas distribution

Acquiring and connecting domestic gas consumers has been a tedious and low-profit activity for CGDs. These customers are reluctant to switch from the traditional LPG gas system and are certainly not the cash cows for CGDs. However, the city gas distribution scenario is rapidly changing and
requires a modern, refined approach for management.

“More than 43 million PNG connections are projected in the near future, and with numbers that high, city gas distribution will soon become an uphill task for companies.”

CGDs presently use services from multiple vendors to acquire and serve PNG customers. Recovering payment from customers, operational inefficiency, high cost-to-serve, converting customers from LPG to PNG, and inefficiency handling customer grievances are the key pain areas for CGDs. Assigning all the customer-facing services to a single entity can allow CGDs to operate more inefficiency and cost-effectively.

One-stop service provider

Our Gas metering, billing and collection services is an amalgamation of all the customer-centric services associated with gas distribution. Being the single point of responsibility, we improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and reduce the cost-to-serve.

We help CGDs in expanding gas connectivity in their area and maximising the number of connections, while the customers enjoy hassle-free supply and services.

“Forget the hassles of metering, billing and collection, and focus on your core business objectives.”

Range of services

We offer a range of services which cover all aspects of customer-facing activities.

Customer acquisition and new PNG connection management

Collecting new connection charges for domestic PNG connections; supplying, installing and commissioning new PNG connections. Inventory management and creating awareness in customers about gas usage.

PNG connection maintenance

Handling of all field related customer complaints and modifications like shifting of line, hose pipe change, meter replacement, disconnection, re-connection and periodic meter reading.

Customer engagement and support

Establishment and operation of customer interface centre and 24 x 7 call centre for handling customer queries, complaints and emergencies related to domestic PNG connections, covering the scope from GI pipeline above the ground till customer appliance.

Pay-as-you-go (prepaid) gas metering

Supply of a reliable pay-as-you-go metering system with Bluetooth technology that allows customers to buy gas as and when required. Customers can budget their usage and improve cash flow by monitoring their use through a mobile app.

Revenue management services

Operation of front offices for vending, prepayment token recharge, payment collection for such services, cash deposit in the bank and revenue reconciliation.

IT management services

Establishment, operation and maintenance of software and IT infrastructure for prepaid vending and CRM services, including licensing and hardware / software upgrades.

How we do it?

  • marketing-png-connections

    Marketing of
    PNG connections

  • customer-conversion

    Customer conversion
    and on-boarding

  • installation-pipeline

    Installation – Pipeline
    and meter

  • metering-billing

    Metering, billing
    and collection

  • aftersales-support

    Aftersales support,
    24×7 customer service

Benefits to the CGD

  • Reduced cost-to-serve
  • No bill related queries
  • Single point of responsibility
  • Zero debt – no outstanding dues
  • Lower IT and other overheads
  • Improved cash flow as the cost of gas is paid in advance
  • Fewer site visits for disconnections due to non-payment

Happy customers

  • 24 x 7 customer service
  • Recharge and pay according to use
  • Recharge through web or app
  • Much safer – low chances of blast or fire
  • Uninterrupted supply through pipeline networks
  • No manual meter reading, and hence no billing disputes
  • Freedom from booking, re-filling and hassles of LPG cylinders
  • Contactless payment- no interaction with the cylinder delivery person
  • Remaining credit displayed in money value for better understanding

India is advancing, and so is the gas distribution network. PNG gas distribution is the future of our country, and a big leap towards ensuring 24×7 uninterrupted gas supply to households. The outsourcing of customer-facing services sets a robust gas distribution system, which will boost our economy, strengthen the financial health of CGDs, and ensure uninterrupted gas supply to households.