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To achieve net zero carbon emissions in UK, virtually all emissions from heat generation and use in buildings and industry must be eliminated. There is no single solution. Meeting decarbonised heat targets will be achieved by a mix of different technologies and options.

Heat networks has been playing a critical role in UK government’s decarbonisation ambition for a while. They are a proven, cost-effective way of providing reliable, low carbon heat, at a fair price to consumers, while supporting local regeneration.
Regulation is long overdue. Introduction of the Heat Network, Building Market Framework 2020 should result in peace of mind and confidence for all stakeholders. It should encourage investment in the market. Investors should gain confidence as their interests are protected, enabling them to overcome the challenges faced by the maturing market.

New regulations will:

  •  Put consumers at the heart of heat network market growth, with new regulatory powers to ensure all consumers are treated fairly and networks are run to high standards.
  • Encourage operators to run their heat networks as cost-eciently as possible, delivering further savings for consumers.
  • Enable investors to enter the sector and have a level playing field with other utilities. A clear regulatory framework will further raise their confidence in the sector.
  • Reliable, new statutory rights for developers will reduce their build out costs and burdens.
  • Stakeholders will benefit from standardization across the sector and proposals to decarbonise our existing networks.

The introduction of regulation within heat networks aims to achieve fairer pricing, increased efficiency, and an increased transparency with better quality of services for customers. Secure Meters’ hosted cloud-based solution – Liberty Online provides a complete, transparent credit or prepayment billing solution, which ensures quality of service.

The new regulatory frameworks focus is to deliver standardised ecient heat networks and give confidence and direction to achieve and ensure “performance and eciency”.

The priority is to deliver data monitoring through solutions and systems for bulk district and communal heat networks. Secure Meters’ eWatch Heat Network eciency monitoring solution will ensure heat networks are future ready and are actively adhering to other legislative drivers, such as the London Plan. eWatch Heat initiates by delivering efficient commissioning verification at commissioning stage and continues to maintain O&M efficiency through continued monitoring that pin-points any need for improvements within a heat network.

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