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At Secure, our mission is to help users save money, reduce energy use and live in comfort. Realising these goals requires solving some complex problems faced by many people in their everyday lives, and dictates the need for a particularly strong culture of learning and growth within the organisation. Employee growth at Secure is a journey. We are committed to providing lifetime employability, rather than just employment. We pay a living wage rather than the minimum wage. We make the journey enjoyable, so that reaching the destination becomes much more likely. From Gully Cricket to Football, dances to mime, Secure knows how to celebrate working together! Our team organises activities through the year to build team spirit across functions and geographies. We are constantly amazed by the latent talent our engineers, accountants and workforce show!

By working together, we can help unlock potential and allow each other to grow unfettered

The sports activities in Secure are no less than any major tournament. Be it Gully Cricket, Gully Football, Chess or Table Tennis, all of us participate and challenge each other. We learn camaraderie, leadership, the joys of winning and the challenges of losing! Every SEMS day, we celebrate with pomp and passion, thousands getting together with science shows for children, awards, music, dance, plays and raps! All organised, performed and supported by our own team, constantly out-performing what was achieved in the years gone by!

We realise that by working together, we can help unlock potential and allow each other to grow unfettered. We encourage people to dream, think big and explore the ways to achieve it. It is a matter of pride that Semsites and ex-Semsites are leaders in the energy domain and are known for their honesty and knowledge.

“There is always a better way of doing things”

One of our core beliefs is “there is always a better way of doing things”, this inspires Semsites to explore different ways of doing the things. This learning environment has helped us shrink the globe. From Australia to the United Kingdom, Secure covers 11 time zones and 50 countries. We were one of the first Indian companies to acquire one overseas. We achieved this and global growth because our team learnt how to respect and work with one another and with a deep customer centric mindset. Our people developed knowledge and experience and created an immense talent pool in the organisation. As a family owned business, we are unusual in our devolution of powers, empowerment and use of innovative management practices and cutting edge technologies.

“We are Semsites!”

Secure is focused on developing a volunteer culture, one that encourages working deeply with the communities that we live in. Be it through creating fun through science or enriching school kids or revealing the artist within, Secure is trying to help children rediscover a passion, for science, art and culture. By encouraging volunteering, our workforce is participating more in community and taking our way of doing things to others. These volunteering activities not only give the sense of responsibility to our employees about our society but also help to inculcate the desire of understanding “why we do what we do” in kids, our future, which our education system is somehow loosing focus on.

We are always proud to say “We are Semsites!”