After the success of our intelligent metering products in India and SE Asia, we have introduced state-of-the-art electronic energy meters into the African markets. As in India, the high quality of the revenue protection features that enable utilities to reduce the commercial losses and improve energy management are attractive to the utilities in Africa. These and other intelligent products that help the consumer manage energy usage are of interest in this market.

Distribution Transformer Metering System, Meter Data Acquisition System and other innovative solutions from Secure Meters can help utilities to manage their distribution system better. Our advanced metering systems enable utilities to manage their demand and empower the customer to save energy.

Developing countries in Africa are successfully deploying metering systems from Secure to improve revenue and system management.We are, now, the preferred vendor for many utilities in Africa because of our approach in doing business and the support we provide, a reflection of our philosophy of working together with our customers.

We continue to look ahead to a future where we can help utilities to improve their revenue realisation. Our systems can help large industries, housing complexes, commercial complexes etc. in conserving substantial amounts of energy used and bringing down carbon emissions.

Our team in Udaipur helps to serve the African market.